Double Cross Review

Posted January 21, 2019 by Jacqueline Juretus in Video Games

Developer: 13AM Games

Publisher: Graffiti Games

Platforms: PC, Switch

Release Date: January 10th, 2019

Duration: 10 to 12 hours

13AM Games (Runbow) has developed a nice action-adventure platformer with mystery elements here in Double Cross. Players run, jump, and sling through levels as Zahra Sinclair, a top agent at RIFT (Regulators of Interdimensional Frontiers and Technology). There are multiple Earths that RIFT keeps watch over, checking for and solving interdimensional crises, but not everyone is happy with them. Your case is to find clues and find out who is attacking RIFT facilities.

The story unfolds nicely, starting with some world building and getting deeper as it goes. Conversations and your case files also help to fill out the world and story. While not too surprising, there are a few twists and turns to keep things exciting. Most characters are kind of one-dimensional, but charming nonetheless.

Three worlds you switch between are Gootopia, Reptarria, and the Funderdome, each with three levels and a boss level that all have their unique brand of platforming. Gameplay is varied and the proton slinger adds an interesting spin on to how you move around these worlds. Combat is fairly simple but effective.

The gameplay really stands out due to its variation and innovation. Controls are tight and work 98% of the time (though that 2% they futz can lead to an annoying fall or death). Most of the time, the levels are fun and challenging, giving a nice sense of satisfaction at getting through a difficult area. However, some spots do become more frustrating than fun and can be very unforgiving. The proton slinger is an interesting mechanic, except it doesn’t always hit its mark which is crucial to avoiding falls.

Zahra gains experience after each level from gathering Upgradium and gets skills she can equip to fit more toward your playstyle. You can change what she has equipped at the various checkpoints. Some Upgradium can be very difficult to get at and only is counted at the end of a level. All levels except boss levels can be played in any order and can be replayed to collect any Upgradium you might have missed.

Boss levels mix what you’ve done in the world’s previous three and obviously ends with a boss fight and dialogue. As with everything else, boss fights are varied, though some are easier than others. All boss fights have several stages.

Completing levels and doing certain tasks awards you with “Commendations” that act as trophies. Completing the game unlocks some extras like artwork as well. You can only “Save and Quit” the game from the RIFT station.

The 2D semi-anime art style is decent and simple. Character designs are creative and fun, especially in close ups for dialogue scenes. There is no voice acting, but the game does not suffer from that as it is well written. Movement animations are serviceable and the soundtrack and sound effects fit.

Unfortunately, I did hit some glitching and freezing which caused some deaths, but hopefully those will be patched out.

Anyone who is looking for a nice little, challenging platformer should check this out. Looking forward to hopefully seeing more.

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