Dragon Age: Inquisition Trespasser DLC Review

Posted September 14, 2015 by Cody Rostron in Nerdy Bits

No respect I tell ya, The latest and last DLC for Dragon Age Inquisition does a whole lot of timing of loose ends while at the same time setting things up for the future. Bioware has a habit of making you obsess and cherish every moment with its characters. Whether it’s drooling over Cullen’s hair or taking about Morrigan’s swooping problem, no game company does it quite like Bioware. ‘Trespasser’ is set two years after your glorious victory over Corypheus, and things are somewhat better for the world but just as complicated for the Inquisition. So instead of letting things be as they are. The two countries you just brought back from extinction want to either destroy you or eat you alive. That’s Thedas Politics for ya.
Before getting into the technical side of it all. I must say that this series means a lot to a lot of people, including me. I can’t imagine not playing these games throughout my life. This DLC shows the fan service that Bioware is capable of doing. Nods to Dragon Age origins mixed in with the future of the series and even the sense of dread right around the corner. It hit me seeing Leliana again for possibly the last time. (who knows what the future of this series has for her.) I’ve watched this character grow from a tortured spy turned cloister sister, all the way to the Divine. (at least in my playthrough) And with that view of things it made her look old. And it made me feel even older. I grew up with this series and its a testament to its characters that they can elicit those emotions.

As for the DLC itself its great…I can’t imagine any Dragon Age fan was not loving at least one part of this expanded story. The same way Mass Effect’s Citadel DLC took advantage of characters. The opening of this add-on does as well. The best part of any Dragon Age game, catching up with old friends. Wondering around the courtyard looking for your friends and feeling every single emotion as they tell you they are either moving on or talking about the good old days. Whether it was throwing pies at nobles with Sera or taking a spa day with Viv, everybody has something to add and just shows how all encompassing these characters are to each other and you.
The problem I had with Dragon Age’s last DLC ‘The Descent’ was that Combat took forever sometimes and became tedious. Well, some of that Is fixed but its still becomes tedious at times. With new fade powers, fights become shorter but not short enough to justify how average Dragon Age’s Combat is. Again it was a minor problem in Descent and its still present in this one. Hardly a deal breaker.

Trespasser still has plenty to offer. After you finish catching up with old friends. You have to deal with the fact that everybody wants you gone. Now that you fixed the world they want you to leave it alone. And of course not everything goes according to plan. Trespasser is filled with varied and gorgeous locations. From old elven ruins to the dark and wet deep roads you cover a lot of ground in the add on. Even jumping in and out of the Fade a few times. But as the trailer and the ending to Inquisition should tell you we are all being lead to the man that started it all. Without spoiling anything, I appreciated how the ending was handled. Solas is getting drawn out and used as a serious threat not just a one off a bad guy that is taken care of after in two hours. It’s all leading to the next big installment. Which I’m sure we won’t see for quite some time sadly.
If you’re a Dragon Age fan, this is the one DLC you must play. It ties up loose ends and creates new ideas for what’s to come. And in the middle of all that you get to mess around with these beloved characters that you’ve spent the last 90 hours with. As sad as it is to say that this is the final Dragon Age content we will see for a long time it’s nice to see the story of the Inquisition end on whatever note you set it up as. In fact, before the game ends you make two monumental decisions that will effect whatever comes next so now you have to play it.

My first fifteen minutes with the Add On.


Dragon Age: Inquisition Trespasser DLC Review



  • Loose ends tied up
  • future set up.
  • varied locations
  • character moments


  • Combat can get tedius at times

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