E3 2014 ANNOUNCEMENT ID@Xbox Unveils Slate of Indie Games Coming to the Xbox One

Posted June 9, 2014 by Mark-Anthony in Video Games

Microsoft announced a slate of new indie games coming to the Xbox One via their ID @ Xbox program. Here are some of the games that will be published by Microsoft Game Studios and coming to the Xbox One.




Knight Squad 1

  • Plague Inc. Evolved 

    Developer: Ndemic Creation 


    Available: Coming Soon for Xbox One, Out Now for PC

Plague Inc Evolved

  • White Night 

    Developer: Osome Studio 


    Available: 2014



  • Cuphead 

    Developer: Studio MDHR 


    Available: TBD


  • Hyper Light Drifter 

    Developer: Heart Machine 


    Available: Estimated June 2014

hyper light drifter

lifeless planet

Screenshot (109)


  • Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime 

    Developer: Asteroid Base 


    Available: TBD

lovers in a dangerous spacetime

  • Mighty No. 9 

    Developer: Comcept 


    Available: April 2015

mighty no. 9


  • Woolfe 

    Developer: Grin 


    Available: 2014


  • #IDARB 

    Developer: Other Ocean 


    Available: TBD



fenix rage

  • Hellraid 

    Developer: Techland 


    Available: TBD


  • Below 

    Developer: Capy Games 


    Available: 2014

below island




An impressive collection of games coming to the Xbox One. Each game is distinct from the next; giving players a diverse array of options to keep their gaming experiences fresh. Aztez and White Night offer unique visual design elements, while FRU utilizes Kinect 2.0 in a way we haven’t seen before. Threes gives Xbox One owners another puzzle game to sit alongside the excellent Peggle 2, and Plague Inc. Evolved tasks players with trying to spread a pathogen. All of these games are unique; and they each bring something interesting to the table. Along with AAA titles announced for Xbox One today, these 19 indies indicate a bright future for the platform. Look for more detailed impressions of these games in the future right here on We The Nerdy.


Source: IGN

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