E3 2014: EA updates information MOBA named Dawngate

Posted June 9, 2014 by Drew Bergmark in Video Games


Multiplayer online battle arenas have been around for a while but until the release of League of Legends, the genre seemed to have only slim pickings. Since 2009 with the rise of popularity, every major publisher has attempted to push one out and the last major publisher other than Microsoft finally is giving more information about it. During the Electronic Arts press conference Monday afternoon, Dawngate was revealed to the masses. For those who have never heard of the game, Dawngate has been in development for several years and just recently became available in open beta near the end of last month. A major passion the developers of Dawngate is giving all of the characters a purpose for why they are fighting in this arena other than for simple video game fun-having pleasure. Outside of this, nothing really appears different comparing to what was already available to the public previously.


*****NOTE: This is the trailer that was shown during the conference except I don’t want to embed it incorrectly: http://youtu.be/_0ZSnA4ssoQ *****

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