E3 2014: Sony Conference Review/Recap

Posted June 10, 2014 by Bryan Boshart in Video Games

Sony came into this E3 having the clear advantage after last year, and decided to play it fairly safe.

Sony started off by showing a trailer for Destiny and announcing that the Alpha version would be PS4 exclusive and available this Thursday for one week. The Beta version will be playable starting July 17.

Destiy was followed by The Order: 1886, which featured a bit of gameplay. We got to see our hunter get attacked by a Werewolf, and the game looks gorgeous. Sadly, I didn’t see as much in-game action as I would’ve liked from The Order.

With The Order getting pushed back to 2015, Sony needed to show that they had an exclusive that would come out this year. They answered that issue by unveiling a gameplay demo for Little Big Planet 3, which is coming out this November. As with LBP 2, all the old levels will be playable on this version. In the demo three new characters were unveiled, adding an element of depth to the multiplayer.

Much as with Infamous 2, Second Son will be getting a stand-alone DLC that follows Abigail Walker (Fetch). Fetch’s stand-alone story will be titled First Light. You’ll be able to control the Neon-powered conduit this August.

Next, we saw Project Beast take its true form. From Software’s new IP is an action-rpg called BloodBorne and will be coming out sometime in 2015.

Far Cry 4 had a new trailer shown featuring the protagonist flying via a wing-suit through the mountains having escaped his vehicle just before it plummeted off a cliff’s edge. The protagonist then called on Herc to helicopter him into a fortress. After eliminating the enemy, Sony revealed that you will be able to call for help and get it from someone who doesn’t own Far Cry. This capability was announced as a PS4 exclusive.

Sony then proceeded to highlight the many indie titles coming to PS4 in the near future. Next on the table were a couple of quick teaser trailers. Dead Island 2 was announced via a short video, as was the new Suda 51 Trip: Let It Die. Dead Island 2 looks to be coming out in the spring of next year and feature exclusive content for the PS4. Let it Die will be PS4 exclusive. We were also shown a bit of the new game from the Journey team titled ABZU.

Then came my personal highlight of the show, where we got to see No Man’s Sky in action. You know what, I’ll just let it speak for itself.

With No Man’s Sky each player will begin on a freshly discovered planet, and the PS4 will be the only console to have it.

Sony then decided to show off their new initiatives in entertainment. The classic game streaming service Playstation Now will be going into open beta starting July 31st and initially feature PS3 titles such as MGS 5: Ground Zeroes and Ultra Street Fighter 4. Playstation Now can also be accessed from compatible Sony televisions without the need for a console. As long as you have a DualShock 3 controller you’ll be able to play the available titles. Sony then revealed the Playstation TV box which will be available for $99 individually or $139 with a DualShock 3 and the Lego:Movie game. Sony announced that the comic series “Powers” would be available for free on Playstation Plus.

Sony then returned to showing games. A trailer for Mortal Kombat X was shown. Mortal Kombat X showed some environmental interaction akin to Injustice and two new characters. The new characters were a tiny girl with claws who rode a hulking brute and a cloaked female fighter who attacked with insect-like limbs. An MGS V: Phantom Pain trailer was shown as well, and while it showed no actual gameplay was very impressive. We did get to see some gameplay for Batman: Arkham Knight. Featuring Batman’s patented gliding ability and new footage of the Batmobile in action. Scarecrow cut the feed just as Batman was about to pummel the Penguin. Batman: Arkham Knight will feature special Scarecrow nightmare missions that are exclusive to the PS4.

Sony ended the show by showing us a first glimpse at Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Overall, the Sony press conference was very good, and while many of the games featured won’t be available until 2015 the fact that most of the titles shown featured in-game footage helped pique my interest. It dragged on a bit too much in the middle with the PS TV stuff, but overall I’m pretty optimistic about Sony over the next year.


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