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Posted June 12, 2014 by Mark-Anthony in Video Games

Homefront: The Revolution wasn’t a part of any of the major press conferences during E3. But developers were made available for interviews, giving us some more insight into what the game aims to be after the disappointment of the first one. Here are some key takeaways from what has been shown of the game.


  • Set in occupied Philadelphia in 2029, four years into occupation
  • It’s open-world
  • Player can craft items from scavenged parts
  • Goal is to accumulate Uprising Points to spark a revolution against the occupying Korean force
  • Uses cover mechanic, with ability to blind-fire over cover.
  • Includes co-op where players can team-up with buddies to form their own resistance cell
  • An in-game smartphone acts as a player menu for accessing maps, using the camera to tag enemies and important items, accessing mission information, and control items like an R/C car.
  • There are areas called Resistance Stashes that provide players with new weapons and gear
Image Credit: IGN

Image Credit: IGN

Impressions: From the quick 11 minute slice of the game that has been shown there are some interesting twists on common ideas. The idea of trying to accumulate as many uprising points as you can by successfully completing missions and side quests is particularly appealing. That helps to burst the bubble of the loan action hero taking down all the enemies by themselves; a common element in most first-person shooters and action games. We don’t yet have much information on how these uprising points work, but if the system is detailed enough it could be a defining element of the game.

Homefront: The Revolution will be available on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac, and Linux in 2015.

Sources: IGN, Crytek



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