E3 Reactions: Ubisoft’s Press Conference

Posted June 13, 2016 by Roshan Krishnan in Video Games

Ubisoft showed off some solid games at their E3 conference this year, but these games were presented in an overly long conference that could have been so much more concise. Even the footage of the games was sometimes unnecessarily long. Even though I am generally impressed by Ubisoft’s release calendar, I wish I got the two hours of my life watching that conference back.

 Just Dance 2017

Just Dance is one of Ubisoft’s mainstays. Even though a large part of the audience at the conference couldn’t care less about the game, Ubisoft opened with a giant dance routine. Considering how well Just Dance performs in terms of sales, it makes sense that they dedicated a part of their conference to the franchise. The game will come out next year on all platforms, including the NX which seems likely to come out next year as well.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

A CGI trailer for the game told us more about its narrative, which seems to be in the vain of the Far Cry games. In fact, it also seems to borrow the outpost liberation structure of the world from Far Cry. In terms of gameplay, Wildlands more closely resembles The Phantom Pain. Missions can be played with different approaches and can also be played solo or co-op. The open-world playground looks quite interesting, but I am worried about how seriously the game seems to take itself. Ubisoft also showed off co-op gameplay of a particular mission in the game. This demo was too long and the forced interactions between the players was quite evident. I’m cautiously optimistic, and judging from the crowd’s reaction, I seem to be in a minority as they loved it. Wildlands is set to come out on March 7th next year, which makes Q1 2017 even more crowded.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Trey Parker and Matt Stone took to the stage to present the sequel to The Stick of Truth, which was extremely well received by critics. The sequel looks just as hilarious as the first game. TFBW seems to heavily satirize the superhero movie industry in the demo. Again, the gameplay footage was much too long. The demo highlighted the new combat mechanics and RPG customization. The game is set to come out on December 6th this year and I, for one, can’t wait to play it. Pre-purchasing will also get you The Stick of Truth.

The Division Expansions

Julian Gerighty, the Creative Director of the The Division Expansions, talked about the success of the MMO before showing fans upcoming expansions. “The Underground” expansion comes out on June 28th for Xbox One and PC and adds more depth to the game’s New York. The other expansion called “Survival” looks interesting and seems to include elements from survival games. Thankfully, this part of the conference was kept short.

Eagle Flight (VR)

Eagle Flight is a VR game about capturing prey and flying it back to your nest while avoiding enemy projectiles. It looked interesting, but the gameplay demo was too long. The game also doesn’t look too replayable. This part of the conference seemed out of place as not too many PC players have VR yet, while the PSVR hasn’t even released yet.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew (VR)

The conference honestly broke down around this point. After a video with Star Trek actors playing the game, LeVar Burton showed up to talk more about the experience of playing it in VR. Again, the game looks interesting enough and probably incentivizes gamers to buy into VR. If Ubisoft removed the VR section from their conference, it could have ended up a lot tighter.

For Honor

For Honor was one of the most exciting games shown at last year’s conference. A lot of people wanted to know more about the campaign mode, but Ubisoft was silent for an entire year. This year’s For Honor showcase opened with a CGI story trailer. While I didn’t really understand the plot, I’m sure that the story will be compelling. The subsequent gameplay demo also made the game look awesome. The game will come out on February 14th next year.

Grow Up

It’s a follow up to Grow Home. I know nothing about Grow Home. It comes out this August.

Trials of The Blood Dragon

I almost lost my mind when I thought there was going to be a new Blood Dragon. The Trials games are supposed to be good, so I’m sure that this game will be as well. I was just massively disappointed when I found out that there was no Blood Dragon 2. The game is actually out right now.

Assassin’s Creed (Movie)


But seriously, this part of the conference could have been entirely omitted. The behind-the-scenes look at the movie trailer was kind of boring, as was the interview with Frank Marshall.

Watch Dogs 2

I’ve been quite impressed with the faithful rendition of San Francisco in Watch Dogs 2 and am looking forward to it. The game’s plot seems to riff on Mr. Robot and seems like it could be more tongue-in-cheek. I also noticed that the game’s world resembles the world in a GTA game, from its vibrancy to its people. The hacking mechanic still seems a little underwhelming, but I like the drone and the RC toy mechanics. The parkour also seemed to speed up the game and gave Marcus, the protagonist, more of a personality than Watch Dogs’s Aiden Pierce. The dialogue was a little iffy at times. Additionally, the gameplay demo was far too long. Watch Dogs 2 comes out on November 15th this year and it looks like a massive improvement to its predecessor. We also heard confirmation about the Watch Dogs movie.


Steep is one of the most innovative games at this year’s E3. Although it’s not something that I would play, it seems like a solid game. The game is set in the Alps, and players experience the incredible locale by playing mountain sports. There’s skiing, snowboarding, and paragliding among others. It’s overtly a social game. Players can share experiences with friends by challenging them or exploring with them. There are also tools to record noteworthy moments in the mountains. Steep comes out this December.

Whew, that was a lot of games! Ubisoft’s crowded conference could have been a lot shorter, but there are a ton of exciting games coming up. Which of these games are you looking forward to play? Let us know in the comments and, for more E3 reactions, stay tuned!


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