EA UFC has a pre-order bonus, and it’s… Bruce Lee?

Posted April 7, 2014 by Bryan Boshart in Video Games

This just in EA Sports UFC will be out on June 17th for your PS4 and Xbox One consoles. In mind-blowingly cool news the mystery fighter they’ve been slowly hinting at is Bruce Lee. Yes, the Bruce Lee. Dana White, president of the UFC has long been a fan of his calling him the “Father of mixed martial arts.”

The hints they used to announce Lee were 1) that he has never fought in UFC before. 2) That he was playable in four different weight classes 3) He was born in America 4) A yellow picture with a black stripe. An obvious homage to “Game of Death”

Bruce Lee in "Game of Death"

Bruce Lee in “Game of Death”

As you may or may not be aware, when THQ lost the rights to UFC a couple years back EA quickly swooped in and picked it up. This new title is supposed to include about 100 different fighters. In addition, as the division was just added, this will be the first UFC title to feature female fighters. This isn’t the first guest fighter that a UFC game has had, if you remember UFC Undisputed 2010 had Shaquille O’Neal as a playable fighter.

It might also be important to note that the poster says pre-order to get “Instant Access” to Bruce Lee, meaning that he may be naturally unlockable in game.

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