From Nightwing to International Superspy?

Posted April 14, 2014 by Mark-Anthony in Comic Books

Dick Grayson is hanging up the mask and becoming a government operative. On July 2nd DC is publishing a new book, Grayson, that picks up where the current run of Nightwing (issue 30) ends. In the ongoing Forever Evil crossover event (spoilers) Dick Grayson has been outed as Nightwing, captured, and presumably murdered by the Crime Syndicate.

But Grayson is just transitioning from a role as the crimefighting Nightwing to an international spy working for the organization Spyral. Tim Seeley and Tom King are writing the book; King being a former CIA counter-terrorism operations officer. King had this to say

“It’s bliss to serve a higher cause and save people,” he says, but “the hard part of it is it’s tough to go home and lie to your family and pretend to be a different person.”

They let on that Batgirl, Alfred, and the rest of Grayson’s Bat-family outside of Batman, are unaware of his new life as an spy and still presume him dead. It’s clear the writers also view this as an opportunity to expand on the mythos of Dick Grayson in the DC universe.

“He’s always been a character who hasn’t had a villain associated with him. We want to give him his Lex Luthor, his Joker.”

Dick Grayson, introduced in 1940, has gone from Batman’s kid sidekick Robin to Nightwing since the 1980s. He even had a brief stint as Batman, which was well received by fans. But it sounds as if Seeley & King’s upcoming run goes further than any previous incarnation in making Dick Grayon truly his own character independent of Batman.

Look for the new series to premiere on July 2nd. Source link below

Source: USA Today

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