Game of Thrones, Season 6 Episode 3: “Oathbreaker”

Posted May 10, 2016 by Henry Wong in Nerdy Bits

*****Spoilers Everywhere!!!!*****

Hot on last week’s episode’s cliffhanger (Jon coming back to life), this week’s episode started by taking us right into the action with everyone at Castle Black stunned by the resurrection of the Lord Commander. Everyone played their role convincingly, as they all stood bewildered. Even better was the Onion Knight’s conversation with the Lord Commander. And he gave Jon some wise words (I’m paraphrasing here); you failed, now go and fail again. I don’t quite know what to think about those words but for some reason, with the way Ser Davos spoke them, I felt motivated to just…do something. And maybe that is what Jon Snow got out of it. And he does. He executes all of the people that betrayed him, with only a minor second glance. Perhaps his resurrection has changed something about him. He also ends the episode by stating that his watch has ended and hopefully, with what’s changed in him, we get to see another “King in the North” we can rally behind. King Jon Stark!


Once again, the cast of Game of Thrones were excellent in their portrayal of their characters. Everyone, including Rickon, the Stark we all forgot about played their characters roles well. Once again, the star of the episode has to go to Maisie Williams again. As slowly as her character’s story arc is progressing, she is still a very convincing Arya Stark and with all of the hardships she is facing, it is doubly portrayed just as well. So much so, that I can feel her pain. The pain of having no sight (until the end of the episode) and the pain of constantly being beaten with a stick by a jealous co-apprentice. I also have to point out that Varys and his “interrogation” scene with the Sons of Harpy woman was also well done. For an eunuch, he sounded pretty ruthless. An ode to Conleth Hill for his superior acting as well.


I also have to mention the fantastic fight scene between young Ned Stark and Ser Arthur Dayne. Dayne’s completely awesome dual wielding, but completely impractical fighting style, made for cinematic excellence. The fight choreography was stylish, yet still retained the minor amounts of realism Game of Thrones is known for (not so much how the fight went but how you can see the weight of the swords clanging against each other). This fight scene was so well choreographed, I would have thought someone from Into the Badlands had decided to map out the fight.

I do have some qualms about this week’s episode. As much as I like Sam (and his simple stupid luck), I felt that his little scene with Gilly was pretty much filler. At least when Tyrion was trying to get some kind of conversation going with Grey Worm and Missandei, I got to know how screwed up their past was due to their being slaves. With Sam, we got more of the lovey-dovey stuff that we had probably gotten used to and bored of back in Season 4 and 5.

Shocker Moments of the Week:

1) Eddard Stark isn’t as honourable as he seems? What?!!?

2) Poor Rickon. Although he’s pretty much a nonessential character, it sucks to suffer by Ramsay Bolton’s hand.

3) Varys’ little birds are children! How perfect!


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