Game OvR, Man! EP7: Gaming News Extravaganza!

Posted March 11, 2015 by Sean Mesler in Podcasts

Do you love video games and movies? Then Game OvR, Man! is the podcast for you! The concept is simple, the Optimist vs the Realist. Take two friends with different personalities, sit them down with microphones and let them discuss the latest happenings in their lives regarding video games and movies.

This week, Rory (the Optimist) and Sean (the Realist) talk about their highlights from the huge week of gaming news: Metal Gear Solid V‘s release date, Mad Max‘s release date, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, Suspend and Resume finally coming to PS4, as well as Battletoads returning, and Rock Band 4. They also have spoiler-free discussions about Predestination and Boyhood. Also, Rory butchers the pronunciation of “Harmonix.”Sit back, and enjoy!

Please be advised that there are F bombs a plenty.

Opening bumper song: “Mutate Me” by Into Another from the album “Seemless”

About the Author

Sean Mesler

Sean is a semi-retired hardcore kid, semi-grown up and transplanted from his original home of New York to Los Angeles. A lover and critic of movies, music and video games, Sean is always quick with an opinion, a heaping dose of snark, and a healthy dose of pragmatism. PSN & Live Gamertag: N2NOther