Game OvR, Man! Podcast Episode 1: 2015 Predictions

Posted January 23, 2015 by Sean Mesler in Podcasts

Welcome to the first episode of Game OvR, Man! A video game and movie podcast where Senior Video Games Editor, Sean Mesler and his good friend, Rory Wood sit down and chat about their two favorite things: video games and movies!

As this is the first episode, I want to give a little bit of background: Rory and I met through a mutual acquaintance and were on a video game podcast together for about a year. I left that show and decided to start something a little bit more open and less formatted where I could talk about things I enjoy and don’t enjoy without being concerned about offending those sensitive to derision and divisive conversation. Knowing it can’t rain all the time, I wanted a co-host that could balance out my realism with a healthy dose sunshine and optimism. I couldn’t think of anyone else that would fit the bill that I know I get along with more than Rory! Always eager to put a positive spin on all things, Rory is the perfect compliment for my somewhat cynical views on video games and movies. Hence the “OvR” in the title, “optimist vs realist.”
In this first episode, Rory and I discuss what we feel is the biggest news of the previous week, catch up on what we’ve been playing and watching and make some predictions for the coming year in movies and video games.

This is very much a first episode so here it is, warts and all. Take a listen, let us know what you think – we’re constantly going to be evolving the show to make it better and better each week, so feedback is always appreciated!

Without further ado, welcome to Game OvR, Man!

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Sean Mesler

Sean is a semi-retired hardcore kid, semi-grown up and transplanted from his original home of New York to Los Angeles. A lover and critic of movies, music and video games, Sean is always quick with an opinion, a heaping dose of snark, and a healthy dose of pragmatism. PSN & Live Gamertag: N2NOther