Games With Gold Announced – September 2014

Posted August 29, 2014 by Kevin Pourmostofi in Movies

Microsoft has announced the latest games that will be available as part of the Games With Gold scheme. Only one of the two free games available through September will be a new title, and that is Super TIME Force, while the other Xbox One game available this month, Crimson Dragon, was part of the Games With Gold Scheme last month.

Meanwhile, Xbox 360 owners with a Gold subscription will be able to get “Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine”, an XBLA heist game originally released last year. This will be replaced on September 16th with the last Halo title that Bungie developed, Halo Reach.

So, to recap, here is a list of the titles that will be available with the scheme during the month of September:

Xbox One

Super TIME Force
Crimson Dragon

Xbox 360

Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine
Halo Reach

However, with the incoming new games for September, the Games With Gold August lineup wil be leaving. So be sure to grab those titles before it’s too late!

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