Gotham Episode 2 ” Selina Kyle” Review

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*Note spoilers within the following review

After a strong debut Pilot last week, Gotham had a lot to live up to in order to maintain the momentum around the hype. With this episode titled “Selina Kyle”, Gotham has delivered on all fronts and actually had , for my money, a much stronger showing overall. This episode had it all, with nice suspense, good character development and progression of the overall plot. Thus far I at the very least am liking the direction and am in on this show!

The first thing I really liked about the episode is how they branched the different camps if you will , into their own segments. Jim and Harvey had their story, Fish had hers, Bruce had his and Penguin had his own.  As opposed to last episode where they were all kind of thrown together in a  whirlwind , this created a very natural progression. Jim and Harvey will do the weekly procedurals , while the rest create what will be the over arching story. In particular I liked how Bruce’s story was less prominent, and him meeting Jim again felt pretty natural in story context. These two meeting early and often has to be done in moderation in my opinion, and thus far I think it has been handled correctly.

As for the main story, things get kind of intense in a hurry. Homeless youths are being kidnapped at an alarming rate ,  Jim and Harvey investigate. Their investigation will end up leading into a human trafficking ring. One of the youths is Selina Kyle, who does not get much attention until the latter half of the episode. Her presence in the previous episode was kind of lost in the shuffle, but this episode actress Carmen Bicondova does a good job in creating a character the audience can like. Early marketing would suggest they want her to lead into becoming the villain as opposed to a occasional Justice Leaguer fans are now accustomed to, so it will be interesting to see how she develops throughout the show, and this episode provides good reason for her to remain in the plot.

Selina with more time to shine

Selina with more time to shine

One of the side plots includes the adventures of Oswald Cobblepot, or the Penguin, who previously just got out of a river. Many fans really enjoyed his role in the pilot, and they will be pleased to know he continues to shine in the scenes he is in. Taylor just plays the creepy villain well, and its refreshing to see a Penguin who is not on top of the world, in fact far from it. We should all look forward to more of the Penguin, and it looks to be plenty in the near future.

On the other side of the coin Fish Mooney had a strong episode. Fans were less enthused as a whole for the original character, but Pinkett-Smith does a pretty good job in this episode. Her role in the overall plot seems monumental and she shares a great scene with Falcone. I think  the more moderate amount we got off her , benefited the character as it gave her scenes more impact. She seemed a less over the top if you will.

As for our star  Gordon definitely was more center stage in this episode, as some of the plot revolved around the aftermath of him throwing Cobblepot in the river. Gotham is clearly eating away at his conscious as he continues to struggle to try and shine law and order in this corrupt city. A scene with the mayor of Gotham Aubrey James (Richard Kind) was really good, and was a perfect example of the man we all know Gordon will become.  Bullock continued to be a strong character as his character was a bit less in your face as the previous episode.

Gotham Politics get very murky in this episode

Gotham Politics get very murky in this episode

The tone of the episode was pretty dark, they have done a really good job of making Gotham a despicable place. The corruption is a heavy theme ,as well as the hardships of homelessness amongst teens. The content was pretty violent and may of been a bit heavy for younger fans, but nothing too extreme obviously since it is primetime network t.v (with the exception of one gruesome scratch).

The flaws were pretty minor, but we did get some very awkward hit you over the head Edward Nygma time….. we get it the RIDDLER!!!!!!!!!!!! But seriously its a bit annoying. Another villain gets referenced in this , with the Dollmaker ( New 52 Detective Comics), but that one was more for the hardcores as opposed to the mainstream. These  things are expected with this type of show but they have not been the most natural references thus far.

Some characters such as Barabara Kean and Alfred Pennyworth get the short end of the stick in utilization, however that is part of the problem of shuffling so many characters around. Thus far they have been weak links relatively.

Gotham has another notch in its belt and is off to a great start. Not only did this episode succeed in creating long term interest , but makes for a thrill ride of a watch in the present. Definitely check this out.



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