Grand Prix Atlanta closes out day one

Posted May 26, 2014 by Sam Liggett in Nerdy Bits

Magic: The Gathering players have  converged on Atlanta this weekend for a two day grand prix (three if you count registration day, which you should).  Friday saw a last-chance trial event wher  players competed to earn byes for the next morning’s main event as well as a chance to sleep in a little.

The main event Saturday was the GP itself, a limited format Theros block sealed tournament. Each of the 1298 plager  received two booster packs each of Journey into Nyx, Born of the Gods, and Theros which they  then used to build a 40 card deck. Understandably, the 9- round tournament ran late into the day, but the top 128 competitiors will proceed to a Theros block draft on Sunday to determine who will compete in the top 8 draft later in the day.

There are also plenty of side events planned for Sunday for anyone who didnt qualify for the GP draft. Win a box tournaments, drsfts, and two headed giant are on the schedule and a dozen vendors are on site as well as four of Magic’s most beloved card artists.

With day one over, only five decks are undefeated. Competitors Alex Majlaton, William Jensen, Jon Stern, Nathan Holiday, and John Esposito all went 9-0 in their matches. Hats off to these gentlemen, and best of luck Sunday, when the stakes are high.

Sunday’s top 100 competitiors will walk away with cash prizes ranging from $250 to $4000 and the top eight will be invited to Portland’s pro tour event in August complete with airfare.

Best of luck to everyone drafting Sunday, and do come back to check out coverage of those events!

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