Hawary’s Favorite 8

Posted February 21, 2017 by Abdullah Elhawary in Nerdy Bits

This article is different.
A lot harder to write
So hopefully it doesn’t
Get met with spite

I will try to maintain
This rhyming affair
You clicked on the link
Welcome to my lair

Where I will tell about
My favorite magic art,
Cards and decks
So were should we start?

Well it only seems right
To begin with the cards
They range from Khans
To core sets to old sets like Shards

8. Goblin Rabblemaster

I usually don’t play aggro
I like the game to go long
But with Rabblemaster
I could do no wrong

A true game-winner
If left unchecked
If it hits once
Its a promising prospect

7. Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

In control decks
It’s an important determinant
Minusing to deal with
Problematic permanents

It could also
Plus to deal damage
Losing after it ults?
Now that’s a challenge

6. Olivia Voldaren

There was a time and place
When Olivia was first
But my fascination with her
Has been dispersed

I fell in love with it
At the Player’s Championship
As it outclassed
Many Huntmaster flips

5. Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy

A powerhouse in  Vintage
A staple in Standard
It’s only it Modern
Where his reputation’s slandered

Improving your hand
Becoming a ‘walker
He’s not even
That bad of a blocker

4. Mantis Rider

The best way to
Beat up on Junk
As it can deal a
Considerable chunk

It also was part
Of a great play
Between Owen and Yuuya
A Bile Blight would lead him astray

3. Sphinx’s Revelation

What a time it was
To be alive
Where you could end-step
Declare a Rev for 5

It allowed no win cons
Other than Elixir
Which hits the table with a thud
That is read on the Richter

2. Bloobraid Elf

This elf oozes value
4 mana for a hasted 3/2
Oh my cascade trigger
I guess I’ll play Lili too

Sadly it’s day in the sun
Was simply too short
Due to Deathrite Shaman
Who was the true stalwart

1. Dark Confidant

I have never seen
Such an incredible deal
A 2 drop that draws card?
Well that’s truly a steal

If you untap with it
You certainly haven’t lost
Unless you’re up against Burn
It’s fine; Greatness, at any cost


Hopefully you enjoyed
My latest creation
This style of writing
Does fill me with elation

If you’re wondering
My favorite art is next
If that goes well,
Then it will be decks

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