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Posted July 28, 2014 by Bryan Huth in Movies

Do you enjoy Sci-Fi movies? Do you like horror? Do you enjoy stories about men who travel to New York in the 19th Century? Well then this movie isn’t for you, but what Words to Live By does offer is an exciting time full of dark humor, suspense, and romance that will leave you laughing throughout the whole film. Words to Live By is an independent film that is currently filming in New Jersey and has the professionalism and experience behind it that could very well push it to the next level, but because it is an independent film, it needs your help to come to life.

The producers of this fine film have started a campaign on Indiegogo.com in the hopes of raising enough money to take this spectacular film from the pages and into your hands. Of course any amount helps and there is a full list of perks that is detailed on the campaign page. If you’re a fan of comedies, drama, or just want a quick break from the craziness of Comic-Con, check out the film synopsis below and be sure to check out the website and indiegogo page. You’re guaranteed to get a laugh or two.



Our hero Kid, is a talented and lovable underachiever who gambles away 30 grand attempting to impress his girlfriend’s father. He then tries to use his ‘way with words’ to get out of debt by getting the mobsters back with their wives, then all hell breaks loose.

WORDS TO LIVE BY is a darkly comedic modern retelling of the classic tale of Cyrano de Bergerac.

Be sure to check back soon for an interview with the people behind Words to Live By. Stay tuned to We The Nerdy for all of your film and Comic-Con news.

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