Hitman’s Season Finale Countdown Continues With Paris and Sapienza

Posted October 27, 2016 by John Newby in Video Games

Hitman’s season finale draws ever closer, and IO-Interactive is keeping the week-long celebration moving.

In the past two days, the Hitman developer has released 30-second trailers for the Sapienza and Paris missions. While short in length, these two trailers show off the various enemies from the episodes and a few of the assassination methods.

First off is the Paris episode, which is set during a fancy fashion show/black market auction. This mission had some great disguises, including the Sheik outfit, and some even better opportunities for death. If you planned correctly, you could take out both targets with a single shove, all without alerting the guards.

Next up is the Sapienza episode, my favorite of the season. Sapienza offered a full Italian city complete with catacombs, Italian plumber brothers, mansions, and a parish. The amount of guards patrolling the city made pulling off the perfect hit more difficult, but there were plenty of fun options available to mess with. Sapienza also introduced the challenge of shooting blow up alligators simply for the hell of it.

The lack of any voiceover may be a confusing for new members of the Hitman fandom, but at least these trailers still provide glimpses of every target and the environment in general. Plus, the trailers achieve the sole purpose of pumping people up for the Japan-based finale. There had better be some cool Halloween costumes available.

Another trailer drops tomorrow that will recap the Marrakesh episode.


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