Interview with Ben Goldsmith: Writer of Seance Room

Posted August 25, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

During the Terrificon Convention in Connecticut, I had a pleasure of meeting quite a few big-name artists and writers; however, I have met quite a bit of independent talent as well. One such talent was certainly Ben Goldsmith, a writer for Source Point Press, with his horror anthology book: The Séance Room. If you do meet him at the convention ask for a unique story on a postcard; it is going to be an experience for sure!

We The Nerdy: What was the motivation and when did the idea for Séance Room hit you?

Ben Goldsmith: I came up with an idea for the Séance Room back in 2013, and it was mostly because of a visit to Magic Castle, which was an eye opening experience that really resonated with me. And the castle did have a Séance room that was told that even Harry Houdini visited frequently.

WTN: Can you describe a Séance room book to people not familiar with what it is?

Ben Goldsmith: Well, Séance Room is a room where you go to try to communicate with spirits… and this is sort of a premise of the anthology I am writing, with the curator of this castle praying on bad people’s fears and exposing them to those that deserve it… currently we have six ghosts, not saying that it is going to be six issues! *laughs*

WTN: Like the Crypt Keeper of sorts?

Ben Goldsmith: Exactly!

WTN: Being that this an anthology, how did you come up with a title such as the Séance room in a first place?

Ben Goldsmith: I wanted to have a strong title and Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt were all taken, and then I remembered my visit to Magic Castle and its Séance room! I wanted the title to be strong and something that encompasses what the story is about and what it represents so I thought that was perfect!

WTN: What was a process of getting a book like this out to the public; was the Source Point Press your first stop?

Ben Goldsmith: First things were getting an artist for a book. I met Keyla Valerio at the convention just like this, and she loved the idea and [the] rest is history. She is actually a clothes designer more than a comic book artist, but her style fit with the feel of a book I was going for. She was a godsend when it came to creating the ghosts but especially our host for the castle. After that, it was a bit of a trek to get the book published, with first few publishers straight out rejecting the book; and not even constructive kind. It was this sucks, and this is terrible and this shouldn’t be here, so that was a bit disheartening.

Then when I approached Source Point Press through a friend of mine. The whole process took several months with the chief editor giving me a set of tasks to complete, first do these five things then those three and so and so forth, and it wasn’t until later I found out that he really liked the book from the get go. He just wanted to see how I would handle taking direction and work under pressure. I am very happy for that experience as it really allowed me to grow as both a writer and also how to deal with companies, so that was a great experience.

WTN: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me about this cool new anthology and best of luck with the further issues!


So there you have it, check out this new book from Source Point Press as it really is very interesting take on Horror anthologies! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did reading the first issue!

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