Interview With Greg Woronchak, Creator of Lil’ Ninja

Posted February 26, 2015 by Taneisha Jane in Comic Books

We The Nerdy recently got the chance to interview Greg Woronchak, a comic book writer who was inspired by his daughter to create the all-ages Lil’ Ninja. Lily is a toddler and, unknown to her parents, also a ninja who goes on adventures and combats evil “with a giggle.”  Read on as we discuss Woronchak’s inspiration for the plot of the comic, the enemies Lil’ Ninja encounters, and the positive and negatives that he’s encountered during the project. To find out more about Lil’ Ninja , visit Greg’s kickstarter

We The Nerdy: On the kickstarter page, you mentioned that your daughter was the inspiration behind Lily. What was the inspiration for the plot of the comic?

Greg Woronchak: When mulling a threat that a toddler could face, it struck me that a home invasion could fit the bill nicely. Having the thieves dressed as clowns felt inspired and a bit wacky, which fits the tone of the concept. The second story features a villainess named Victoria, who looks like a creepy doll. She sprang from doodles, and the story just seemed to write itself from there.

WTN: Can you tell us a little about the enemies Lil’ Ninja will encounter?

GW: The first tale features the Clown gang, bumbling thieves that are no match for Lily. The second tale features Victoria, a creepy child who absorbs the joy energy from play-with toys. Future issues will have more villains I’ve come up with, including a bratty cowboy and snotty pageant queen.

WTN: What were the character concepts for each character based off of?

GW: Lily looks a bit like my daughter Sarah at her age, distorted by my comic book influences. Her parents were designed by Ash Jackson (penciller for the two tales), and I directed them to look quite generic. Victoria is based on vintage dolls, with a creepy face inspired by a broken toy from the first Toy Story film.

WTN: How long would you say the beginning of this project took?

GW: The project began years ago. It started off as a spark of an idea when watching my (then) toddler bouncing around the house. Over time, I came up with a tight plot and asked Ash to draw it. Once the concept and lead character were firmly established, the plotting took little time, and Ash penciled the pages relatively quickly. The project has moved forward at a glacial pace mainly because of budget and time commitments of my day job.

WTN: Any positives or negatives with working on this project?

GW: The main positive has been the creative process itself; comic up with the concept, and seeing it come to ‘life’ is thrilling and rewarding. Collaborating with fabulous artists like Ash and Dustin (colorist for part of the book) has been wonderfully inspiring. The main negative has been impatience: I’ve been eager to have this book finished for years, but other priorities had to take focus.

WTN: Is Lil’ Ninja your first comic book series?

GW: I’ve produced a webcomic called Slam McCracken. Lil’ Ninja will be the first official comic book released by Sore Thumb Press once finished.

WTN: Is there anything you’d like us to know about Lil’ Ninja that wasn’t touched on?

GW: I’d add that Lil’ Ninja was partially inspired to counter the flood of ‘adult’ comics produced today, with grim and flawed ‘heroes.’ I wanted to produce a comic that parents AND children could enjoy, for different reasons. From the feedback I’ve gotten, it looks like I’m on the right track.

To follow “Lil’ Ninja’s” progress, visit Greg’s blogspot page.

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