Into the Badlands – “Snake Creeps Down” Review

Posted December 15, 2015 by Henry Wong in Nerdy Bits

The intrigue! It develops! There is only one more episode left in the first season and the show has seemed to settle in what seems to be its new groove. As I mentioned last week, the show seemed to have a hard time finding its balance between the action and the drama as last week’s episode seemed to set itself apart from its previous precedent. This week, we were given something closer to the calibre of what we are used to from AMC as it upped its own ante. Though only AMC can tell us if it was enough for the show to continue living (No official word of the show being renewed for a Season 2).

Once again, there was only one fight scene this week but it still impressed upon us. Not only was it between skilled opponents (The Widow vs. Sunny), but the inclusion of various different weapons gave the fight some surprising flair and variety. Queue the double flails The Widow expertly wielded and the brilliant wall run as well as the double and triple flips. And especially because the show has already set up a precedence for great wire work and beautifully choreographed action scenes, it was a surprise that this scene could even surpass that precedent. I would even dare to say that this one action scene was on par, if not exceeding that of Neo’s fight against Agent Smith in the subway in The Matrix (which in my opinion was one of the best action fight sequences using wires).


As I noted last week, the writing presented through the subplots and dialogue seemed to be making strides from the first couple of episodes. Every character has improved and developed and now seem to at least be somewhat interesting, if not the center of the show’s attention. For example, at the beginning of the season, the first ladies of the Fort were nothing more than just support characters but as the season went on, their dialogue and interactions with other characters felt more and more “believable”. The tension between the both of them now actually makes me wonder who Jade’s assassin is. Furthermore, when Waldo was first introduced, he seemed like the wise man character, offering bits of advice now and then. However, every episode since his introduction, has alluded to his vital role to the series main plot. Once again, he now has enough of the audience’s attention for the audience to want to know just how much influence he may wield in the world of the Badlands.

Not only has the writing been much better but the acting is several pars above what it started out to be. The characters seem more natural when interacting with each other and even M.K. who I had thought to be rather stiff and boring because of his delivery, has improved. It is unfortunate that this progress has only happened now, several episodes late.

There were several things about this episode I can be nitpicky about. Such as M.K.’s level up granting him a force push ability (just in time for Star Wars) or the introduction of Lydia’s father who in turn introduced us to a hidden cult who cleanse “dark ones” (i.e. M.K.). It still remains to be seen what they really are and I highly doubt we will receive a sufficient answer by the end of the next and finale episode of the season. It seemed like they were in a rush to “hook” us into the show but I fear it was a little too much, too late for many of its potential viewers.


I have only good things to expect in the season finale if I am to believe the trajectory of this current season.  Hopefully, it will provide closure to some elements and plot developments of this season but still leave us wanting more for the next season, should one come.

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