Iron Fist Episode 2 Review: Shadow Hawk Takes Flight

Posted March 22, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Nerdy Bits

Starring: Finn Jones, Jessica Henwick and Tom Pelphrey

Released: 03/17/2017

Anyone remember the Shadow Hawk comic? Well that was better than this episode.

Episode two of Iron Fist continues from the “cliffhanger” ending of the first and is better than premiere, though it still needs a quite a bit of suspension of disbelief to get past flaws, the biggest of which is a carryover from episode one: the show is muted and not interesting.

The setting for “Shadow Hawk Takes Flight” reminds me of Legion, though the two series differ in visual flair. Iron Fist doesn’t have any. Daredevil had its dark aspects that were similar to the Batman movies, Jessica Jones had an edgy, almost-supernatural feel to it, and Luke Cage brought urban city to life with its cast and music. Iron Fist has nothing despite the source material being drenched in mysticism.

There are some interesting moments this time around with Coleen Wing, who is currently the most developed character in the show. While Danny Rand’s character, together with Meachum brother/sister combo, remains bland, it is almost worth tuning in to see Mrs. Wing. Which would be fine if the show was Iron Wing.

I cannot get over the sheer amount of stupidity on display by all of the characters, especially Ward Meachum. This is a show where inmates in an asylum are allowed to walk around without any supervision. Meanwhile the cast retain their picture-perfect memories.

As I mentioned before, I really wanted to enjoy this show; however, the sheer lack of care by the creators is staggering.

The only people I can recommend this show to, and that’s not exactly the right word, are those looking to see all four shows before Defenders finally airs.If you are not a completest in that sense, stay away. You are not missing out on anything.

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