Iron Fist Episode 3: Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch Review

Posted March 23, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Nerdy Bits

Directed by: Tom Shankland

Starring: Finn Jones, Jessica Henwick, Tom Pelphrey

Released: 03/17/2017

Coleen Wing vs Brock Lesnar!

Episode 3 brings us maybe the most action-packed episode of Iron Fist yet! I wish the action was coming from titular characters, but we don’t always get what we want.

In all seriousness, this was probably the best episode of Iron Fist so far, though that’s not saying it was good. However, it does feel like the story might be finally be moving forward. There is finally the beginning of an intrigue here, with a familiar foe from the Daredevil series coming to the front. In that sense, the universe is finally feeling a bit connected, even if just slightly. Carrie Ann Moss’s character returns, and she is preparing Danny for a different kind of battle.

However, the most exciting part of the series continues to be a Colleen Wing and what she needs to do to keep her dojo running. She seems to be a most relatable character so far, as on one hand we have a rich kid who was raised in a monastery, then decided to be a hippie, and on the other hand we have a Donald Trump Jr. wannabe and his sister. It’s where the show continues to falter.

This could have been avoided if Finn Jones was giving out any charisma, but instead he’s acting like he’s above all of it (the money, power and such), and on the other hand he wants to be part of the corporation his father built. Here lies the inherent problem with this show so far: just the sheer amount of stupid decisions these characters make, especially the Meachum siblings. There was an easy way to handle their situation, but they choose a solution that’s going to ultimately create more problems.

The best part of the episode was, as I mentioned earlier, Collen Wing’s character, and she has a fight scene that looks really good. This begs a question: Why are her fight scenes choreographed better than Danny Rand fights? There are little issues like these that pull the viewer out of the show, and that’s a shame, as Iron Fist should have been the most interesting of the four Netflix series. At least the score is good.

Overall, this is the best episode so far, but it’s still just really average and ultimately not fun yet. Hopefully this will change.

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