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Posted August 23, 2016 by Spencer Birch in Video Games

With Nintendo’s new console announcement looming, the end of the Wii U draws near. With some of the lowest sales and attach rate of any Nintendo console to date, the Wii U definitely didn’t live up to the expectation set by the Wii. Released in November of 2012 (in the US), the Wii U was originally met with confusion. Do a quick search online for articles about the Wii U launch and you will find topics about how nearly every aspect of the console was mismanaged and difficult to understand even for media and hardcore fans. This isn’t to say that the Wii U didn’t have it’s fair share of great titles however. In fact, the software library that the system boasts is one of the few things that Nintendo fanboys (like myself) have left to cling to! Sure, the big N could have certainly done more to pad out the time between big releases, or focused more of it’s effort on games that fans really want instead of easy grabs. Honestly though, the development schedule isn’t totally to blame. The system has a distinct lack of third party support, due mostly to the fact that Nintendo chose to stick with the old standard of the IBM Power PC platform, as well as a lack of graphical parity to other platforms. The Wii U itself is also not the most ergonomically or aesthetically appealing system. The Gamepad is overly large and feels cheaply made, and the system itself looks as though it is a poor cross between an edgy next generation console and it’s sleek yet fun predecessor the Wii. Taking all of these things into account, it is no big surprise that the Wii U has only sold around 13 million units to date.

It is rumored that Nintendo is going to be unveiling it’s newest console, codenamed NX, this September. Regardless of whether this rumor is true or not, the console is set for release in the Spring of 2017 and as long as it isn’t delayed (again), we should all be soon enjoying the newest generation of Nintendo hardware. As you may know, whenever a new console is announced, people fall over each other to sell their old systems in preparation, effectively driving the price of the now last generation system down. That time will soon come for the Wii U and it is the perfect chance to jump on board if you haven’t yet!

Whether you are a big Nintendo fan or not, you cannot deny that they make some of the most polished and beloved games in the world. The Mario franchise alone has sold over 320 million games since it began, and that isn’t even counting spin-offs such as Mario Kart or Mario Party. The Wii U may not have as many great releases as some of N’s older consoles, but the ones it does have are still excellent. Let’s check out a few of our favorites!


Super Mario Maker


Super Mario Maker, released late in 2015, almost makes it worth it to buy a Wii U alone. Offering players the chance to construct, share and partake in custom made Mario levels in the styles of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U, each with their corresponding styles of physics, gameplay mechanics and enemy behavior. It is a powerful level building tool as well as a super fun toy that many Nintendo fans have been wishing to have for years.




Splatoon is Nintendo’s take on a competitive third person shooter. This colorful, fast paced game pits adorable ink kids against one another online in dozens of awesome maps as they fire paint cannons at one another in an attempt to gain turf. Sure, the lack of voice chat was criticized before launch, but honestly the game is simple and has enough charm to not need it. Splatoon, with it’s quick matchmaking (even over a year after launch) and hyper colorful aesthetic, is one of the top games available on the Wii U and can be found, much like Mario Maker, bundled with a system for a great price.




The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD/Wind Waker HD



Twilight Princess HD and The Wind Waker HD are two of the best games on the system. I personally bought my Wii U when the Wind Waker HD limited edition console was announced, and do not regret it. These games are of course remakes of older generation games, but the HD treatment does them well, and along with some gameplay tweaks, keeps them relevant in the modern day. I shouldn’t have to explain why these games are great, The Legend of Zelda is one of the most highly praised franchises in gaming history and these are two of the best entries in that series.


Bayonetta 2



Brought to us by Platinum Games, Bayonetta 2 is the sequel to the very well regarded Bayonetta which released originally on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2009. A Wii U exclusive, Bayonetta 2 features the familiar brawler gameplay of the original with gorgeous visuals and incredibly tight controls. Platinum Games is known for making a very specific type of game and Bayonetta 2 showcases the studio at the height of their power.



There are of course a dozen or so other great games on the Wii U that would make it worthwhile to pick one up! It is a shame that the system was held back by poor marketing and design, because it’s software library is sincerely top notch (albeit small). If none of these games tickle your fancy, then what about Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, or even Super Mario 3D World? all of these games and more carry that charm, polish and attention to detail that Nintendo is known for, and due to the NX on the horizon, can be bought new or used for a great price. I could write for days about games like Captian Toad: Treasure Tracker and Xenoblade Chronicles X, but I will leave it up to you to get yourself a Wii U and try them out. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed unless you hate having fun.

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