Jaden Smith announced as new Spider-Man

Posted April 1, 2015 by Josh McCullough in Movies

In a stunning announcement today, Sony Pictures held a joint press conference with Marvel Studios to announce more details about the hotly anticipated Spider-Man reboot, that will see the fan favourite character join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kevin Feige took to the stage to announce the title of the movie would be Spectacular Spider-Man and, in a surprising move, confirmed rumours that it would in fact be Miles Morales and not Peter Parker who would feature in the movie. Even more shocking, Feige brought the new Spider-Man out on stage, revealing it to be none other than Hollywood legend Jaden Smith. Feige explained this radical new direction:

“Here at Marvel Studios we’re all about keeping current and reflecting the ever changing world around us. Miles Morales was therefore the perfect choice for a bold, new direction for the franchise. People don’t just want the same old Peter Parker story again, they want something new, and with Sony Pictures we can forge this Spider-Man for a whole new generation of fans.”

When asked why he picked the young Jaden Smith, Feige had this to say:

“Jaden is the heart of a generation, he’s an active social media user with an impressive following, he’s exactly the sort of role model we want for young kids. His experience with movies such as The Karate Kid and After Earth give him the perfect level of experience to take up such a daunting mantle.”

Jaden himself soon tweeted this to his legion of followers:

“Spider-Man’s like a spider right? Well Spider-Webs come out of their butts, not their wrists, so why don’t mine?”

Not done with their earth shattering announcements, a member of the press asked if this meant we would not be seeing classic Spider-Man Peter Parker in the movies, Kevin smiled and answered the question:

“Peter is a huge part of the Marvel Universe and it would be a huge disservice to both him and his fan not to include him in some way. While we will not be retelling his story, we can confirm that Peter will feature in the movies as a mentor to Miles and will be played by none other than Will Smith. This father-son dynamic is something that has never been done in a super-hero movie before, so we hope this will give Spectacular Spider-Man the leg-up it needs when it hits in 2017″

Feige later confirmed that the Smiths will be appearing in the 2016 movie Captain America: Civil War, with both actors receiving top billing.

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