Joe Frankenstein #1 Review

Posted February 26, 2015 by Alexander Handziuk in Comic Books

Joe Frankenstein #1 is the age old tale of a seemingly normal pizza boy named Joe who gets attacked by Vampires, saved by Frankenstein’s monster, loses his job as well as his girlfriend and finds out that he is the heir to the Frankenstein name all in one fun night. Ok well maybe its not exactly a story you hear every day but it certainly is an entertaining one.
Frankenstein is a character who doesn’t belong to any comic company though they all seemingly have their own iterations of him. What Joe Frankenstein #1 does that makes it stand out from the mass of other Frankenstein stories is that it shifts the focus away from the monster himself and focuses on Joe, a seemingly normal human boy. In doing so it gives this book a feeling of relate-ability while still keeping the wacky creatures and horror tropes synonymous with the Frankenstein name.
The book is cowritten by Graham Nolan and Chuck Dixon and they successfully craft an engaging debut issue that promises a great future for the series. Especially strong as I mentioned earlier, are the scenes involving Joe Frankenstein’s life and how much it sucks. His boss is a jerk, his girlfriend left him because he lost his job and his brother is annoying. There’s one scene in particular, involving Joe’s brother being a stereotypical annoying sibling, that will cause anyone with a younger sibling to get a chuckle out of. For a book about an undead monster Joe Frankenstein number one really delivers a surprising amount of reliability.
The art by Graham Nolan is fluid and clean. He is a master at facial expression and the characters in the book act just like you would expect them to act if you saw them in real life. Also he draws a wicked, badass yet suave Frankenstein, something that I didn’t know was even possible.
The dialogue does suffer a bit at times as it comes of as rather cartoony and stilted, although for the most part the cartoony nature works well. Also the bad guys in the book fail to really cause any sense of fear or dread and instead come off as underwheling. That being said it is only the first issue and it could just be the case of laying down the groundwork before being able to flesh out these characters.
Joe Frankenstein #1 is a fun, different Frankenstein book that is sure to please fans of relatable comics and fans of comics that are a bit out there alike. While the cliffhanger is underwhelming there’s is enough in this issue to leave the reader thoroughly happy and excited for the next issue.

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