Just Another Sheep an Interview with Mat Heagerty

Posted April 18, 2014 by Oscar Russell in Comic Books

We The Nerdy got the chance to interview Mat Heagerty about his new upcoming comic series Just Another Sheep. The first few issues are already out and complete, but he has launched this Kickstarter to help complete and release the final few. The interview was great, and the project sounds awesome Mat tells us about some strange places to sell a comic, and most importantly tells us about the project itself..

We The Nerdy: So for those that haven’t read or heard about Just Another Sheep, what can they expect?

Mat Heagerty: Just Another Sheep is a science fiction road trip story in the vain of Y: The Last Man, or Sweet Tooth. But it’s set in 1960’s America during the Summer of Love. Free love, psychedelic drugs, racial tensions, and war are just the tip of the iceberg!

WTN: Does your title have anything to do with Philip K. Dicks masterpiece with sheep in the title?I may be going well outside the box here, but it’s a sci-fi book. 6fb2f6d1fef1a3581ef891a99d60bf14_large

MH: While I do love Phil Dick, (And Blade Runner!) no the title has no correlation. It refers to the title character Banning who is a sheepish follower, easily swept up into things.

WTN: Why the Kickstarter route to finish of the project?

MH: I can’t think of a better way today to fund a project. The site is so far reaching and offers so many perks. What I’m quickly finding out, one of the main perks is a community that really truly wants the comic to succeed and in turn me. It’s a total high.

WTN: How have you spread the word about the first few issues that were released?

MH: We went the web-comic route offering the book for free online at justanothersheep.com. For print I’ve sold small scale at my local shops Mission Comics and Isotope, my etsy site, and funny enough at the bar I work at!

7362d232ce5a0e149dc5ae672e82d43a_largeWTN: How did you and your creative team get together?

MH: I can across some of JD’s work on a comic called San Hannibal and thought it was a great fit for my story. At the same time I contacted Jon Cairns the colorist through his web-comic, it just so happened he has worked with JD in the past. I had already worked with Ed Brisson before on another book a few years back. And lastly, Paul I came across totally randomly just by searching deviantART. Short answer: the internet.

WTN: You’ve worked on other books before, how has this one differed and what have you had to differently now you are doing this through Kickstarter?

MH: The other projects I’ve worked on have been smaller in scale. Both in the amount of people involved, and the amount of comic. Sheep requires so many people to get made, but I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results! As for Kickstarter, it’s making me really work on my business skills which, could honestly use the work!

WTN: What influences have got you to the place you are in your comic creating career?

MH: Brian K. Vaughn is a big one for me. Kirkman, Jeff Lemire, Joe Hill, and actually Ed Brisson the letter, writing is pretty inspiring (check out Sheltered – by Image Comics) Also, George Lucas, John Lennon, and whoever made that movie Westworld.

WTN: Any tips for up and coming creators?

MH: Make comics, as much as possible. Don’t talk about ideas, or wait until it’s ready. Make them it’s the only way to get better. Even if it’s a poor drawing you do on a piece of printer paper. Make it. And then share it!

WTN: What is your favorite part of the creative process?

MH: Constructing the story, figuring out characters, having those characters surprise me, creating worlds, thinking of fun twists, getting to see pages at ever stage, talking about it, reading other books and getting inspired, drawing poorly to get something across to an artist, holding the book in my hand. All of it! And that’s not flowery B.S., I really love it all.

You can check out Mat’s Kickstarter project here, and also follow him on Twitter @MatHeagerty and his website to keep up to date with all Sheep news.


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