Justice League Canada?

Posted August 23, 2013 by Matt Sculthorpe in Comic Books



What surely sounds like a joke, Jeff Lemire confirmed today at Toronto’s Fan Expo. His new book for DC will be Justice League Canada.

Spinning out of the events of Trinity War and Forever Evil, Justice League Canada will see The Justice League of America uprooting from the States and going north of the border. Set for spring 2014, Lemire says that JLC will be made up of a “dream team” of A-list DC characters and some of his favorite obscure and oddball characters.

Coming out of this, Lemire will bring back archaeologist/adventurer Adam Strange, making him now Canadian.

Being Jeff Lemire, I will no doubt be checking this out, but it still seems a little gimmicky. With the relabeling of JLA, a book that hasn’t been out a year, and major shakeup of the cast, why not just end JLA? Keeping with A List characters, I can see Green Arrow joining the team, as Lemire has been handling writing for that book as well. Who else would you like to see on the roster?

Big thanks to Dan Gaul for breaking this story for us this morning.

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