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Posted September 27, 2013 by Pauldro in Nerdy Bits

Windows users: It’s not easy being a windows user. You know it, I know it. Everyone knows it. Windows isn’t bad (most of the time), but it’s sufficient. Sure we don’t get the fancy Mac hardware, but still there’s a reason Windows has the most of the market (for now). But as all windows users know, Windows starts to get slow after installing a lot of programs or even after a while. Here’s a couple solutions to keep your machine running as smooth as possible without a lot of work.


1. CCleaner

Screencap of CCleaner

CCleaner can also give you PC info such as RAM, OS type, and Processor info

CCleaner is a small program that can do wonders for your windows computer. It can clean unnecessary files from Windows such as temporary files that are taking up space. It can also clean the history of your browsers, but if you want you can enable safe-history mode which will leave certain cookies and sign-in information alone if you choose to.  It can remove the history and caches of some of the applications on your PC. You can even manually uninstall unnecessary programs with CCleaner. One of the bigger problems Windows Users have is things messing and corrupting their registry. If you suspect there’s a problem with your Windows registry, scan it with CCleaner and it will scan for issues and potentially solve them. What’s better than a nifty app that can do a lot? A free nifty app! Get it at CCleaner.


2. SlimCleaner

Screencap of SlimCleaner

SlimCleaner is one of those all-in-one maintenance programs with a lot of muscle. Personally, it’s my favorite. Like CCleaner SlimCleaner or SC cleans up temporary files and caches. It too can scan your registry and see if it can find and fix errors with it. One of my favorite features is controlling my start up programs. I can stop programs I don’t need at start from starting and slowing up my computer when I start it. Not everyone knows what programs to keep in their start up list so SC has built-in community ratings showing you that this program is good to keep at start up or if it’s more of an optional thing. You can also uninstall programs in Slim Cleaner. Intelligent Defrag is one of the golden gems of Slim Cleaner, you click on it and it defragments your hard drive depending on your settings. It can also find duplicate files and erase them from your hard drive.

What is defragmenting? Over time your computer stores memory in blocks, think of it as a movie collection. Normally your computer would save files in the same folders in the same general area. It’s kinda like keeping your dvd collection together. Sometimes the computer while the disks are spinning saves the file in a different area. (like putting a dvd in your vhs collection for now). Or if the files keep being moved around they become fragmented. Defragmenting them starts putting files that belong together together again speeding up the rate your computer can read those files and therefore increasing the speed of your computer. Get it at SlimCleaner


Hopefully these programs will help your machine run smoother. Do you know of any programs that will make windows users love their machine again? Do you have a request of a type of program or a replacement for a program? Comment below, and I’ll be happy to help you! Also leave your questions, comments, and concerns!


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