Kickstarter Interview with Ninja Boy and Ninja Boy 2 Artist: Ale Garza

Posted May 5, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

After sixteen years, come back to the world of mystery, the world of intrigue, and the world of Ninjas!

I took a moment to talk to Ale Garza, one of the creators of Ninja Boy about the kickstarter and his love for the character!

We the Nerdy: Can you tell us a bit about the original Ninja Boy, as it could be a property some of our readers are not familiar with?

Ale Garza: Ninja Boy is a series that I and co-creator Allen Warner did originally through Wildstorm/DC Comics about 16 years ago. In the vein of Ninja Scroll and Princess Mononoke, it followed the adventures of Nakio and his furball sidekick Sake. Along the way its uncovered that a wealthy businessman has it out for his clan and is looking to destroy his family. After Nakio witnesses the brutal murders of his brothers he goes on a quest to seek revenge and to redeem his family name! It was a blast, the original series had fellow artist Dan Norton on art duties with myself and Guy Major and for anyone who is interested in a first series it will be available as a digital collection for a kickstarter!

WTN: What was the idea behind bringing this property back, especially in the form of Kickstarter?

Ale Garza: Ninja Boy had been on my radar to bring back pretty much since I finished it. It was just in an “ownership” limbo for many, many years! So once we got it back it was a no brainer! We had to do it! With the help of crowd funding we realized we could do it in the grand fashion it deserved!

WTN: This is a very unique book. A lot of western artists and writers don’t really try to tackle Eastern mythology and culture… was that a reason why you wanted to do something like this?

Ale Garza: Our love of ninjas! Haha, it really was that simple but Ninja Boy is a bit more than your standard ninja comic. We really wanted to infuse it with flavors of hip-hop and fantasy! Something we were striving even harder to do with Ninja boy Vol 2: Life after Death!

WTN: About the kickstarter itself, what can you tell us about it, start date, possible tiers, any incentives? You know people love the goodies!

Ale Garza: It goes live May 4th! We have so many things being offered! Comics of course, but we will also have graded comics! T-shirts, hats, pins, pint glasses, plushes, ninja swords! Yes, ninja swords! Also the backers will have the opportunity to own the original art from the series and even be created into the story itself! Come for the variant covers, Ramos, Rocafort, Nakiyama, Oum, Kirkham, Benitez, Andrews, Brooks, Park, Young, but stay for the story as we’ve crafted a doozy!

WTN: Can you tell us a bit who might be doing some of the variant covers?

Ale Garza: We have so many! My peers really came out in full force! Humberto Ramos, David Nakiyama, Kenneth Rocafort, Siya Oum, Tyler Kirkham, Kaare Andrews, Joe Benitez, Skottie Young, Mark Brooks, and a mystery industry legend! Whey, got all that?! You’ll also have standard fare courtesy of myself but also a sexy “ninja girl” cosplay jam cover courtesy of myself and Eliaz Chatzoudis!

WTN: If you are in liberty to say, how many issues are you looking the new Ninja Boy to be or is it a trade paperback?

Ale Garza: It’ll be six issues, to be collected as a trade once it is finished! It will also be available digitally, as well as volume 1!

WTN: When this kickstarter is successful can we look forward to different projects coming from you, as I can see you are part of the OverGround Comics now?

Ale Garza: We have a trilogy of titles that Allen and I have planned, and Overground will be the place to catch them all!

WTN: Anything else you would like to share with the world?

Ale Garza: Just my thanks , thanks for your time, thanks for checking out the kickstarter and thanks for potentially going on this wild ride with us!

There you have it, a skinny on a new series by Ale Garza and Allen Warner! Let’s make this happen!

Here’s the link to the kickstarter:

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