Kickstarter: Interview with the Ladies of Badassical!

Posted June 30, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Badassical is a sci-fi version of Charlie’s Angels with one big difference: These girls are no angels! Collette Turner and John Fleming have just launched a Kickstarter campaign for the third issue (found here), promising another extremely fun adventure that everyone should check out. To get in the spirit, we thought we’d try something different.

Let’s hear from the ladies themselves! Here’s what the three leads of Badassical have to say about their upcoming book.

We the Nerdy: Hello and thank you for taking the time to answer some of these pressing matters with us today. Can you tell us about your mission?

Susan: I like shooting things. Is that a mission?

Kate: We mostly just do what we’re told, pose, say things, et cetera. I don’t really pay attention anymore.

Pandora: We’re trying to save some science atomic thing that was stolen.

Kate: It was?

Pandora: Yeah.

Kate: Maybe I shoulda been payin’ attention…

WTN: The first two kickstarters were very successful. Who do you think people resonated most to? You or your teammates and why?

Kate: I’d like to say it’s me, all me, but it’s not. Pandora and Susan help me look good.

Pandora: I hate you.

Kate: They’re like the pineapple on my pizza.

Susan: Maybe people like me shooting things?

WTN: What kind of trouble are you girls going to get yourself in the issue 3, and what kind of rewards can we expect in this new kickstarter?

Susan: I… I’m told I’ll be having an early morning, but… I hate those.

Pandora: Mostly, it’s picking up where two left off, me looking for answers to what’s really going on with the insanity on the reality TV show.

Kate: Pfft, no one cares. The important thing is, we all have wardrobe changes. I get to wear a super cute onesie, and Susan gets to work in her PJ’s.

WTN: Who are doing covers on this new adventure?

Pandora: We’re each getting a cover this time around. Susan had an awesome cover done for issue one, and Kate had one for issue two, so for issue three I got to pick my artist. I talked John and Collette into getting Marguerite Sauvage, who’s done some great stuff with Wonder Woman. She did me as a total bad ass. I love it.

Kate: Mine’s better. Collette made me look amazing, and Ula, sweet Ula, really captured the green in my eyes perfectly.

Susan: I… I got a new gun for my cover… Collette and Skipper made it for me.

WTN: This being your third book, how many issues are you looking to have total, and do you have anyone in mind–other than yourselves of course–who should grace the cover of the book?

Kate: I heard John say he’d hoped to go to five with single issues, but I gagged him and tied him up, so I might’ve missed something.

Pandora: And stole his wallet?

Susan: But… then what?

WTN: Who would you say is the craziest in your team? Or maybe most impulsive is a better way to say it.

(blank looks all around for a moment, followed by a gentle gesture from Pandora gesturing to Susan. Susan is twitching gently.)

Kate: For those of us in the Psychology community, we don’t use the term crazy. As for who’s most impulsive…

Pandora: That’s you.

Kate: That is me, yes.

(Susan is still twitching at me, and only stopped when one of the other ladies held a lit lighter out in front of the rabbit-eared blonde, capturing her attention.)

WTN: Who does Collette like drawing the most, or is that a state secret? There were some rumors flying around, but I just wanted to see if we could get any confirmation before robots come and take me away.

Pandora: She likes drawing Susan.

Kate: pfft, can’t imagine that she wouldn’t rather draw me.

Pandora: It’s still Susan.

Susan: I’m Collette’s favorite?

Kate: Her favorite to draw, maybe. I’m clearly her overall fave.

WTN: What is your favorite food to eat after the mission? Do John and Collette allow you to take time for lunches between the craziness?

Pandora: We mostly get pizza. Seems like all we ever eat is pizza and coffee…

Susan: … and Supah Sugar Snax!

Pandora: Yeah, you eat those. Why does it seem that’s all we ever eat?

Kate: Product placement.

WTN: Back to the mission, what else can you tell us about this new book, or the series in general, for the people that aren’t aware just how awesome you all are?

Kate: We’ll we’re not supposed to talk about it, but um, maybe for sake of marketing?

Pandora: Best I can figure out, we’re all kinda trapped in a reality tv show on a citywide scale. There’s ninjas, giant robots…

Susan: …armies of lizard men.

Pandora: I don’t remember an army of-

Kate: It’s awesome, I’m awesome. Take a look at the book and Kickstarter.


So there you have it straight from the mouths of girls of Badassical. Now what are you waiting for? Go and pledge so we can finally see what’s going on!

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