Lady Zorro 1 Review

Posted July 22, 2014 by Kristina Poffenroth in Comic Books

Written by Alex de Campi

Art by Morgan Hickman

Published by Dynamite

Alex de Campi wastes no time throwing Lady Zorro into action in her new title. The issue starts with Zorro arriving at her door and demanding that she take a soldier and go to a grand military ball to stop Condesa Estruc from driving natives out of their homelands and to steal back the sacred Chumash Eagle Axe. There is little introduction to any of the characters, and within two pages, the lady Esperanza is at the ball with a solider, who’s name is never formally given to us.

We learn that Esperanza has experienced family trauma at the hands of the German general who has thrown the ball, which explains her aversion so military men. This scene is pretty campy, and at the very mention of her family, Esperanza turns into a teary-eyed woman in a Lichtenstein painting. It’s sadly cliche. After being interrupted and learning that the ax is kept upstairs, Esperanza runs off to take it.

She is confronted by the General’s wife and proceeds to fight her in an action scene that is mostly cleavage with a side of violence. After she kills the General’s wife with the ax and flees with the soldier, tLadyZorro0118hey end up kissing before she runs off, putting on the Zorro mask. Yep, the soldier she absolutely hated and wanted nothing to do with in the beginning of the issue is suddenly making out with her, and it’s made to be totally okay.

This comic moves quickly, but for all the action that happened, it feels pretty anti-climactic, primarily because there was never any build-up of the tension between any of the characters. Lady Zorro goes from hating the solider to kissing him over the course of a few pages, and when she does kill the wife of the general, she gets away extremely easily. We don’t even really know who any of the characters are, or what the broader conflict in the region is all about. What caused the events of this book to happen? I thought that the Condesa might have been the German general’s wife, but I don’t think that’s the case. It’s a confusing comic without enough introductions, and the action ultimately does not mean anything if there is no tension or expectation introduced for the reader. I was left underwhelmed.

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