Legends of Tomorrow, Season 2 Episode 4 Review

Posted November 7, 2016 by John Patterson in Nerdy Bits

legends-of-tomorrow-abominations-sara-lanceLegends of Tomorrow continues to be the CW’s most fun DC show out of their line up. This week’s episode showed that they can tackle the more serious issues that come with a diverse group of people traveling through time, while still keeping the fun and lighthearted feel of the show. It also takes advantage of the current zombie craze, that everyone swears is dying out, and puts a civil war spin on it.


The episode starts out with an unidentified time pirate crashing in 1863 Mississippi and accidentally releasing a virus that creates zombies akin to the infected of 28 days later. The Legends receive said Time Pirate’s distress call and travel back to the civil war era to try and find him or, at the very least, destroy his ship so it does not cause more time “aberrations”. At this moment the zombie aspect of the story is introduced as they hear a man being chased by the infected. After a short but awesome fight scene they defeat the zombies but fail to save the man. After the Legends return to the ship it is revealed that Mick is infected and time has been altered. Because of the man that died, Henry Scott, and the zombies the Union lost the civil war. Scott was going to sneak into The Collins Plantation and steal confederate troop movements that would help Ulysses S. Grant win the Battle of Champion Hill. From here the one story splits into three.

Jax and Amaya go to infiltrate the Collins Plantation and this is where the show begins to tackle the darker side of time traveling, especially as a person of color. Jax and Amaya witness a woman being whipped by her slave owners. Amaya insists that they go and help the woman but Jax stops her, saying that, although terrible, helping her might alter history for the worse. The show doesn’t stop there when touching on the horrors of slavery. From Jax getting in trouble for touching and directly addressing a white women, to him being chained up in the basement with a number of slaves, to the slaves explaining the horrors that were committed to those who tried to escape, the show tackled the topic of slavery the best it could for a show whose demographic is teenagers and young adults. The show has shown Jax dealing with different forms of racism in the mid 20th century but having him deal with such heavy issues could result in really great character development for him. Amaya did get a bit lost in this story line, because it did focus so heavily on Jax, but it was a nice touch to have one of the women at the plantation recognize her totem as apart of her and her mother’s African tribe’s heritage.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow --" Abominations"-- Image LGN204a_0139.jpg -- Pictured: Maisie Richardson- Sellers as Amaya Jiwe/Vixen -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The story line featuring Mick, Stein, and Ray was a nice, fun contrast to the heavier Jax and Amaya story line. Stein’s “irrational” fear of zombies while Mick stalks around the ship as one provided the episode with some necessary comedic moments without taking away from the heavier storyline. It also provided Ray with a bit of character development after losing his Atom suit in the previous episode. It helped Ray realize he can still contribute to the team without his suit. It also explored the relationship between him and Mick a little bit more than the show did in season 1, where they set up the friendship. The storyline ends with Ray becoming the new Captain Cold. We’ll see how Leonard feels about that when he eventually returns. Stein was mainly the comic relief in this storyline but his connection with Jax provided a nice bit of commentary on Jax’s storyline. Stein, also, eventually overcame his fear and helped save Mick so he had a small but comical storyline.

Sara and Nate’s storyline was a bit lack luster compared to the other two. They venture to the camp of Ulysses S. Grant, played by John Churchill, to warn him and help him prepare for the incoming zombified confederates. Nate continues to establish his place on the team and shows that he is gaining better control of his powers. As stated above, this story line fell a bit flat in contrast to the other two.

Overall this was a wonderful episode. Great character development for Jax and Ray, especially, but at the cost of some of the characters.

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