Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, Episode 6 Review

Posted November 23, 2016 by John Patterson in Nerdy Bits

Wild West, Jonah Hex, Dwarf Star, and train stopping. This week the Legends take another trip to the Wild West to try and stop another aberration in Liberty, Colorado circa 1874.

As always the show split off into 3 different main story lines but this week we got a few unusual pairings. The show is doing a better job of putting different pairings together and building different types of relationships and showing off the varying different dynamics different individuals on the team have with each other. We’re introduced to this week’s villain, Quentin Turnbull, and his plan to mine Dwarf star to create his own country seperate from America. We also got to revisit Jonah Hex this week and see a bit more of the type of man he is. We also get a bit more insight to what happened to the town of Calvert after Rip left it to return to his duties as a time master.

The First Unusual Pairing we get is Amaya and Mick. At first I thought that this storyline was going to be a bit weak but it turned out to be interesting as we got a bit more insight into how Mick thinks the team views him. Sara sends him into the town Saloon to pick a fight with this weeks villian, Quentin Turnbull, and to lure him out so they can detain him. But Mick actually really hits it off with Turnbull. The two become peas in a pod. Turnbull pitches Mick his plans for his country when he breaks off from the rest of America and Mick sort of likes the idea. A fight does end up breaking out for other reasons, Hex being the big one, and Mick goes a bit overboard which results in another member of the team, Nate, getting injured. Amaya confronts him about his behavior and Mick says that the man in the bar is who he really is and that he’s an animal. The only real problem with this story line is that I feel like we’ve been through it before. I feel like we’ve had multiple episodes of Mick not feeling like he’s apart of the team and then a different member of the team does something to help him and he’s apart of the family again. I love the character of Mick and I love Dominic Purcell’s portrayal of him but the character needs a bit more to do. He’s felt a bit lost without Snart and it seems like the writers aren’t really sure what to do with him. Let’s hope that this changes when Snart eventually comes back as apart of the Legion of Doom. As the final climax of the episode reaches its peak, Mick and Amaya go to seal off the Mine and Mick subtly hints that he’s gonna stay with the lit dynamite but Amaya looks at him and subtly refuses to let him. When they return to the ship Amaya tells him that she recognizes that there’s an animal inside Mick but she also recognizes that’s not all he is and he should embrace the animal but not let it control him. She also tells him that she’s willing to help. Amaya seems to be a supporting role in many of other characters stories. She had a main storyline last episode which was fairly well done so let’s hope for more Amaya storylines.


Jonah Hex is also back this week and he serves as our information source about Turnbull as well as a device to show Sara’s character growth while still having an intresting story of his own. We find out that Hex is trying to fill a bounty that was put on Turnbull’s head but he also has a personal vendetta against Turnbull. We find out that Turnbull came to Calvert after Rip left, put everyone in the town in a church, and burned it to the ground. Hex was able to escape but that’s how he got the scar on his face. This leads to Hex making a lot of rash decisions that put the team in jeopardy. Sara tries to talk him down multiple times but Hex’s sexism doesn’t allow him to see her as a person in authority. This also helps play into Sara’s character growth a bit more. We’ve seen Sara deal with sexism and homophobia in the past but we’re starting to see her stand up to others when her position as captain is questioned. She’s starting to really come into her own in that respect which is great to see. Hex has every intention to kill Turnbull when he catches him but Sara is able to convince him that that is not the best way to go and Hex ends up letting Turnbull live and respecting Sara’s position as Captain. One of the great things about this story line is that the two characters complimented each other. Sara did not overshadow Hex or vice versa they both helped each other grow as characters.


Nate, Ray, and Jax’s mission was to infiltrate Turnbull’s base of operation and find out his plan. Nate is the head of this storyline as he’s trying to be more than just the team researcher. He’s really dead set on being a hero to the point where he sketches his own suit, which doesn’t look that bad, and does a lot of risky things to achieve his goal of being one. He starts off by trying to save Jonah Hex from some outlaws which ends up in Hex almost getting hanged. He also jumps in front of a bullet that is fired by Turnbull, not knowing that it’s a bullet made of dwarf star, which injures him gravely, and then jumps infront of a train to stop it. It’s not a huge story line but its helps solidify Nate as Citizen Steel. Jax and Ray are more supporting characters in this storyline but we do see Ray get enough Dwarf Star to power a butt load of ATOM suits so that answers the question of will Ray get his suit back. But before he makes his own suit it’s revealed that he’s made the suit that Nate wanted as a way to help him become the hero Nate wants to be.

As for Turnbull himself, he was a bit lackluster. He did not really come off as super dangerous or menacing or as a “big bad” or anything of that nature. Stein also had a very minimal story line. He’s been having headaches lately which, we find out, is a result of his memories being changed. The source is not completely known but it is theorized that Martin interacting with his younger self again has changed his past and now he’s in love with another woman. This seems to be leading into an interesting story line and I’m excited to see where it goes. There’s no episode next week, obviously, because of Thanksgiving but after that 4 PART CROSSOVER!!!

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