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Posted July 15, 2015 by John Newby in Video Games

After three fantastic games, Rocksteady Studios has finished with Batman. While it will be sad to see no more Arkham games, I can’t wait to see what Rocksteady tackles next. My colleague Drew Freeman gave some fantastic ideas in his list of Five Games Rocksteady Should Make Next, and while I would love to see a Dick Tracy game, I see the developer going in a different direction. I honestly believe that Rocksteady has been dropping hints for their next game throughout Arkham Knight, and I have come to the conclusion that there is only one game that could be made next: The Justice League of America.

Why do I think Rocksteady will tackle the Justice League? Well, if you pay attention to the criminal dialogue around the city, you will notice some key themes.

The Green Arrow

The first of these themes revolves around the Emerald Archer, also known as the Green Arrow. There are multiple hints to the Green Arrow littered around Gotham, if you are paying attention. The first of these hints is the common reference to Star City. Many of the thugs will discuss the perils of spending time in Oliver Queen’s city because of the beatings.

Another hint in Arkham Knight is the random appearance of Queen Industries. There are multiple freight containers branded with Queen Industries, and there is also a random Queen Industries building tucked on one of the islands. Oh, and Catwoman also confesses to robbing Queen Industries, if you have enough conversations with her.

The third and final hint, if you happen to see it, is a random building called “The Black Canary Club”. Black Canary is the Green Arrow’s main squeeze, so this club could only be a reference to the hero.


Stephen Amell is a big star because of the CW show Arrow. In fact, this popularity even led to Amell doing some voice work for Lego Batman 3. Now that DC has unveiled the new comic style outfit for season four, it definitely makes sense that Rocksteady could incorporate Oliver Queen into a new game to feed on the wild popularity. Plus, the Green Arrow was partially trained by Ra’s al Ghul, which means his combat style is similar to Batman’s.

The Flash

Like Arrow, The Flash is immensely popular, and DC will soon be making a full-length feature film about The Flash. The Scarlet Speedster would be one of the more entertaining characters to play as given his ability to cover great distances in a short time and the focus on hand-to-hand combat. However, Arkham Knight didn’t include any references to Barry Allen that I could find.

The main references to the Flash that I noticed actually were about either Jay Garrick (the original Flash) or Wally West (Kid Flash), depending on the era. Multiple criminals throughout Gotham can be heard discussing how dealing with Batman is more enjoyable than spending any time in Keystone City because you can actually see Batman, Nightwing, and Robin when they attack. Keystone City is the home to both Jay Garrick and Wally West, meaning that the criminals hate dealing with one of those versions of the Flash. In my opinion, the era of the Arkham games fit more with the modern superheroes, so Kid Flash would make more sense.



To be fair, I actually haven’t found any direct references to Superman, but there have been plenty of other references that relate to the Man of Steel. One such reference is the voicemail that Lex Luthor leaves on Batman’s phone. Apparently, Lex is trying his hardest to buy a lot of Bruce Wayne’s technology with the end goal of killing Superman. Thankfully, Bats is stubborn and doesn’t want to help out Lex.

Finally, there is a big LexCorp building in Gotham City along with a bunch of LexCorp Billboards.

My Conclusions!

Ok, so these are the main references to the Justice League that I have found scattered around Gotham City. Technically, I haven’t found any hints about other Justice League members like Green Lantern, Aquaman, or Wonder Woman, but a Justice League game just makes sense. Marvel doesn’t have any video games about the Avengers, and a big DC game would be a huge draw for the company. Sure, Rocksteady could be making a game about Green Arrow, but this would be more of a sideways move instead of forward progress. I honestly believe that Rocksteady will go for bigger and better to showcase their development skills on the PS4 and Xbox One.


Either I’m a genius who is properly predicting the next big Rocksteady game, or I could be reading too much into some fun, little Easter eggs. I’ll let you decide.



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