Marvel Heroes Omega Character Spotlight: Venom

Posted October 10, 2017 by Kyle Simcox in Video Games

Venom swings his way into Marvel Heroes Omega, and Eddy is bringing a whole lot of hurt with him…them… Us? Still trying to get used to this whole symbiotic language…

If you like playing as Spider-Man, then Venom is a worthy successor. While he doesn’t have Spidey’s speed, he can take a lot more punishment. Venom is the definition of a tank. Whereas other characters can’t stand up to cosmic-level enemies or bosses, I usually find myself laughing in the face of danger as Venom shrugs off most attacks and continues to beat down anyone in his way.

Fighting tooth and nail (literally), there’s plenty of ways for Venom to leap around the map and stop crime in its tracks. He’s a lethal option from just about any range. I enjoy dive bombing into a group of enemies, and then clearing the area with one his many tendril attacks. “Come to Venom” is also an option for the Venom who might be low on “Bio-Mass” and needs a quick boost to keep the hits coming. At 30, Venom can impale his surrounding enemies and at 60, he grows to an immense size to deal damage to those around him while regenerating his health and giving him a buff.

Venom’s known for being a little… handy! *insert snickering here*

Once you hit level 32 and open up the talents trees, you have a bit more flexibility for customization. You have the option of making him a better tank or to up his DPS. A third option of increasing his survivability also exists. We Are Unstoppable will instantly regenerate health and biomass when his health hits 0 to keep him in the game. Shifting Skin will give Venom a quick stealth buff, while Ichor will add an “ichor bar” for those attacks that cost health and adds a little more risk to playing the character as it provides a damage boost at the cost of losing your health to fuel Venom’s ichor.

Venom brings a bit of dark humor to Marvel Heroes. Stand around in a social hub and listen to him as the Symbiote tries to bring other heroes into his icky, black, “symbiotic” fold. He (They?) doesn’t like Deadpool though because, you know, it’s Deadpool. One of the downsides is that even though it’s a separate symbiote, Anti-Venom isn’t an enhanced costume like Spider-Gwen. The lack of his Toxin skin is also pretty heart breaking as well, but I can’t say I miss the Hydra Venom costume.

During the many hours I sunk into the PC version, Venom is without a doubt my favorite character in Marvel Heroes. I believe he was my second character to hit 60, so seeing him come to Marvel Heroes Omega on console was an exciting moment. If you’re looking for a fun character to play as you laugh in the faces of Marvel’s many villains, Venom is a character worth your time.

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