Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “A Wanted (Inhu)man” Review

Posted October 20, 2015 by Kenneth Rodriguez in Comic Books

A/N: If you would like to catchup on last week’s episode, you can find that here.


This was the best thing Lincoln brought to this episode

This was the best thing Lincoln brought to this episode

So this week’s episode seems to have settled very firmly into the treading water area I was really, really hoping we could avoid with the season’s riveting start. We learn more about Lincoln, who has appeared in a hand full of episodes at the end of season 2. The show is attempting to promote him to a main character this season, but we still know very little about him. The third episode of the season showed a little more about his past, but still not enough to fully grasp and understand Lincoln Campbell. We are meant to have an interest in his quest to not be apprehended, but honestly we haven’t spent enough time with him to truly care. He is reaching the same level as Hunter and Mack, the show assumes we care and carries on, without actually checking if he is resonating with the audience.

We start this episode of S.H.I.E.L.D with Lincoln running from the ATCU. They plaster Lincoln’s face all over the news, there is no escaping anyone. Everyone is now alert to Lincoln’s abilities and sees him as a danger. Quickly, we learn that, per his encounter with Mack in the season premiere, Lincoln now has a tracker in his arm. Coulson and Mack have been monitoring Lincoln via it, but they kept Daisy in the dark about it. Daisy uses the tracker to call Lincoln, which alerts him to it. She tries to get him to come into S.H.I.E.L.D but he still refuses to do it. Eventually, Lincoln ends up at the cabin of his AA sponsor John. John seems to really trust and embrace Lincoln. He even offers to let Lincoln buy his car–no questions asked. However, John sees the news report about Lincoln. He turns on him and calls the ATCU.

Meanwhile, Rosalind and Coulson set up a meeting by the beach. Coulson wants to offer Rosalind a deal. He knows she has footage of Daisy, and he is willing to make a deal with her to protect Daisy. While trying to get past John, Lincoln uses his powers. The shock of it all causes John to have a heart attack. Lincoln tries to use his powers to revive him, but it doesn’t work. He calls Daisy for help, and she meets him in an abandoned building.

Daisy gives Lincoln a speech about him being the one to make her realize her purpose. She knows he is a good man and wants to help him, like he helped her. The two share a kiss. Then Mack interrupts it, followed by the ATCU. Coulson gave Rosalind Lincoln to protect Daisy. Lincoln quickly escapes, so the ATCU decides to take Daisy because they couldn’t capture him. Coulson offers Rosalind another deal.

He will help her track Inhumans in exchange for Daisy staying off their record. This deal angers Daisy, even though she understands it. Rosalind calls Coulson at the end of the episode to make sure their deal wasn’t a trick.

May and Hunter, Undercover

May and Hunter, Undercover

May and Hunter track down one of his old buddies, Spud. He knows that this guy has connections with Hydra, and he wants to use them. May tells Spud that they have weapons, and Spud says that he knows some people who want them. However, this group has trust issues and Hunter needs to fight his way into a meeting with them. Hunter loses the battle against Spud pretty badly, until he uses some brass knuckles to win the fight (and kill his friend). Hunter is then taken to one of Ward’s Hydra men. Hunter is one step closer to Ward as a fake Hydra agent.

Simmons finds it really hard to readjust to her world. Her senses are very sensitive to lights, and sounds, people. After talking to Bobbi, Fitz decides to start over with Simmons. They finally go on that date that they planned to go on before she was sucked through the portal. Simmons appreciates Fitz’s efforts, but she breaks down crying from being so overwhelmed by it all. At the end of the episode, Simmons is examining the remains of the monolith, when Bobbi finds her. Bobbi reassures Simmons that it won’t suck her in again. However, Simmons says that she wants to go back.

Bobbi, and Fitz/Simmons still adjusting to Earth

Bobbi, and Fitz/Simmons still adjusting to Earth

I am really enjoying the shift in Simmons’ character from the confident scientist we knew her to be, it is a much better direction that the very out of character Inhuman hater they tried to make her last season. I am confident that the Fitz/Simmons that emerges from this trauma will be much more interesting than the one we started with, so I look forward to their progression. I am interested in Coulson’s uneasy Spy vs Spy dynamic with Rosalind, so I’m hoping we can get some interesting bits out of that. Ming Na Wen as Agent May as always is amazing, and while I don’t enjoy her being paired with Hunter, seeing her on a mission to get Ward is a nice new twist that I want to see explored further. But, like I said before it seems like we will have to wait to see any real progression, 26 episodes is just too much time to fill, so we may get more meandering plots before getting to the juicy stuff.


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