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Posted November 4, 2015 by Kenneth Rodriguez in Comic Books

If you would like to catch-up with last week’s episode, you can find that here.


Well then, that certainly was an emotional hour of TV. Elizabeth Henstridge was marvelous (see what I did there?). As I’ve said in the past, and a lot more recently, S.H.I.E.L.D. has had some huge highs and very low lows, and I have been concerned for the show’s future. Well folks, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Episode 5 proved me wrong. This series can be still find ways to completely surprise us, and take what seems like a very out of character concept into one of the best they have ever produced.

I (and many Marvel fans) had issues with the pacing of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1, but the series’ second run demonstrated a definite improvement in that area. This year, the creative team was able to drop us “over there” for an hour and keep us totally engaged. With strong echos of the recent film The Martian, we get to see how Simmons manages to tough it out on a barren wasteland all on her own.

It was cool to revisit that last season finale sequence and watch the monolith not only swallow Jemma up, but deposit her on the other side.

Simmons realizes she really is all alone out there

Simmons realizes she really is all alone out there

The hour countdown to the 4722 hours she spent on this other planet (about 6.5 months if you were wondering) added to Jemma’s helplessness, and gave me a real sense of dread as those hours ticked away. Jemma’s Fitz-engineered super-phone proved to be a real life saver. The little device certainly helped her retain some of her sanity, and being able to see Fitz’s familiar smiling face certainly helped too. Documenting her experience was brilliant, but how long would that battery last?

Naturally, the next logical question was where would Jemma locate food and water? I mean, she was on that alien world for months. About 101 hours into her ordeal, she found herself in front of a little pond.

She was elated and next thing you know; she’s floating in the damn pond. I wasn’t surprised a creature pulled her under, but the fact she ate it surprised me. Guess you’ve got to do whatever it takes to survive, right?

Jemma did a fantastic job surviving for a month. I have a newfound respect for her, but it was a good thing Will came along when he did. It was great to see Dillon Casey (Nikita, Backpackers), and once I realized he wasn’t a threat I had a feeling Jemma was going to fall for the guy.

The fact he was an astronaut was a nice twist. I thought he might be connected to the early season Gloucestershire travelers, but not so much. The “no fly zone” might have a Gloucestershire connection. Will claimed the planet had “moods,” but it was hard to make of the evil entity that lives there. I assume we’ll learn more about all that when the team goes back there. Once Jemma and Will started sharing, it didn’t take me long to like him.

The quick flashback to Will’s arrival on the planet was interesting. Jemma’s so sharp, she quickly asked how NASA knew there would be a hospitable planet on the other side. Will didn’t have an answer, but I’m curious to see if this will come into play at some point. It seemed like Will might have killed his team, but for now let’s just assume his story is true. Still, he’s been alone on that planet for 14 years, is he 100% sane?

Gemma and Will make a great team

Gemma and Will make a great team

It was such a sweet Whedon-esqe moment when Will told Jemma that Fitz’s name is her favorite word. If they manage to bring him back to Earth, I see a major love triangle developing. I really wouldn’t be happy about something coming between them, but in this case I can see it working for the Fitz-Simmons arc. The way Jemma said, “Goodnight Will” was an early give-away. The two definitely bonded over this mutual experience, but who will she ultimately choose?

The artifacts Jemma found near the “no fly zone” (a sword and really old wine) belonged to the 1839 English explorers. Will claimed the “evil” entity killed every explorer, but what could it be? I’m going to assume it’s a crazy alien thing related to the Kree. Being the genius she is, Gemma figures out she can use the telescope and compass to find the answer she was looking for in the stars, where the monolith portal is going to open next. It was brilliant idea to send a message in a bottle through the portal, but so heart wrenching when they came so close and failed. The fact that they kept going after that was a bit astounding, but man it really upped the drama, and got the pair to bond like nothing before.

Again Elizabeth Henstridge absolutely killed it here. Yep, I got teary-eyed on more than one occasion. Despite their bizarre situation, I was pleased Will and Jemma found each other. Yes, I became invested in this couple in just one hour. Now if that’s not wonderful writing, I don’t know what is. Honestly, I wouldv’e been happy to watch a couple more episodes of this story, but I wasn’t to be. I kept waiting for Fitz’s flare to appear, and suddenly there it was. Of course, the storm arrived in time to separate the new couple. It didn’t take Jemma long to locate Fitz, but poor Will stayed behind.

As usual, Simmons is incredibly resourceful

As usual, Simmons is incredibly resourceful

Fitz ultimately agreed to help Jemma return to that planet to go back for Will, which was a relief. He’s such a good guy and loves her so much, her happiness is all that matters. How can you not love Leo Fitz? I find myself hoping the team rescues Will, and that he’s not damaged or a bad guy. Our final glimpse proved he’s alive, but for how much longer? Is he connected to the evil entity? Jemma did see a space suit in the storm.

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