Marvel’s Spider-Man Review

Posted October 8, 2018 by Kyle Simcox in Video Games

Developed By: Insomniac Games

Published By: Sony Entertainment

Release Date: September 7th, 2018

Platforms: PS4

Marvel’s Spider-Man avoids the origin story route and takes place 8 years into Spider-Man’s career. It kicks off rather intensely as Wilson Fisk takes on the NYPD in an effort to buy time and escape the country. Thankfully, the friendly neighborhood wall crawler swings into action and helps out. After that however, the story fizzles out a bit in an effort to develop Peter’s life outside of being Spider-Man. Acts 1 and 2 of the game take more time to develop the more human aspects of Peter’s life rather than focusing solely on the super hero in the spotlight. He might have super human strength and fancy gadgets but outside of the suit, Peter’s behind on his rent, always late for work and struggles to keep balance in his social life. Most of the main missions are really fun and there are areas where you don’t play as either Peter or Spider-Man and they’re probably some of the more forgettable moments in the though there’s at least two stand out parts of those sections that are really cool. Once you get to Act 3 however, the writing kicks it up a notch and provides an ending that packs a huge emotional punch.

There’s plenty of stuff to do and collect but the side content is probably the weakest part of the game. Whereas the Arkham series took players through a tour of Batman’s enemies through it’s story and side content, Spider-Man takes a different route. While a couple of villains appear through the side content, the rest of it consists of beating up criminals perpetrating random crimes, clearing out bases and doing challenge missions to earn tokens for upgrading Spider-Man and unlocking new costumes to wear. It’s all fun to do honestly but it does tend to become a but repetitive by the time you get to Act 3 of the game. Collecting Peter’s old backpacks is probably the best part of the side content as it references all sorts of things from his career as Spider-Man.

Spider-Man has a rather… negative opinion about drug dealers.

Traversing the city has never been more fun. Swinging is simply a matter of pressing and holding R2 and letting go. Players can gain speed by letting go during a low swing or go higher by jumping as Spidey reaches the peak of a swing and pressing X. There never really seems to be an obstacle Peter can’t “thwip” his way around or over with ease. Swinging down the street and taking a shortcut through an alley and leaping high enough to clear a roof is incredibly fun to do. There’s plenty of cool little details too like the fact that Peter’s webbing can snag onto things in the environment and break or aiming at a water tower or fire escape will allow him to nimbly vault through them and proceed along his merry way. While on foot, Peter will also parkour over objects while you hold R2 and even though it’s cool to watch, it really only comes in handy on rooftops.

The combat in Spider-Man feels very much like the Arkham series. Players will flip, zip and punch there way around New York all the while trying to avoid getting hit by dodging when Spider-Man’s spidey sense goes off over his head. You can also use stealth to slowly pick off your enemies and even the odds. In some areas, you can even use the environment to take out criminals as well, like by pulling shelving down onto their unsuspecting heads. As you level up, Spider-Man also unlocks a wide variety of gadgets and suit perks to help give him the edge against New York’s various criminals. Unlocking new suits will also earn Peter new suit power which allow him to use devastating abilities in the middle of combat to really level the playing field. Using the gadgets like his Trip-Mine to instantly web up two thugs standing next to each other is incredibly fun but it also makes Spider-Man feel just a little too overpowered for his own good. Aside from that, the combat is fast, fluid and does it’s best to make you feel the part.


The photo mode includes a ton of cool ways to frame your screenshots.

Spider-Man is a stunningly gorgeous game with one of the best renditions of New York city to date. There is a huge amount of detail just in Spider-Man’s various suits and you’ll find yourself addicted to the games Photo Mode as you try to set up the perfect shot. The city does a wonderful job at feeling alive as civilians will call out to Spider-Man as he swings by or let out surprised gasps as he swings overhead. One my most memorable moments in the city was when I had to jump over a building. Spider-Man just barely managed to clear the roof and as he flipped into the air, a few civilians who were chilling on the roof were caught off guard by the super heroes sudden appearance and that really stood out to me. Another really cool detail in the game is that there’s two sets of dialogue for Spider-Man depending on if you’re swinging or standing still. It’s also worth noting that Yuri Lowenthal does a fantastic job voicing Spider-Man as well. I’d even say he’s second only to Christopher Daniel Barnes.

I don’t often platinum my games but every now and again, a game comes along that I fall in love with and just have to 100%. Marvel’s Spider-Man is one of those games. While it’s side content might be lacking, I absolutely loved every minute of the game. I still find myself loading the game up to swing around New York, kick the shit out of a few bad guys and taking selfies as I leap off the Avengers’ Tower and I am absolutely pumped for the DLC.

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