Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25

Posted March 28, 2018 by Cameron McFarland in Comic Books

Written by: Kyle Higgins

Art by: Daniele Di Nicuolo

Published by: Boom Studios

Several issues back, Boom Studios’ team introduced Power Ranger fans to an exciting new kind of villain for our heroes to face: an evil Power Ranger. Though he was defeated and believed dead (because that’s how comic books work) we finally get to see what an evil Ranger can really do.

This story arc has had a lot of advertisement behind it, including a live-action trailer, but after reading this issue I can see just how much hard work has been put into this setup. For anyone not up to speed, Lord Drakkon, the Black Dragon Power Ranger, comes from a parallel universe where the Green Ranger didn’t decide to join the rest of the team. Conflicted, he looked for answers on his own and ultimately fell down a dark path. This makes the fight coming not only dangerous, but personal.

The issue opens with a look into various dimensions and timelines all under simultaneous strain from an unknown cause. The Time Force is investigating as things get exponentially worse and set a tone for the scale of attack that looms over the rest of the issue.

Things do slow down a bit, all the Rangers take some time to prepare for Drakkon’s eventual attack as well as clear their own minds, but the constant juxtaposition between how the good and evil Rangers spend their time outside of their suits is a fun look at how different they really are.

Overall I am very happy with the pacing of this book, and for the start of a major story arc that means a lot because this is the point you have to kind of decide if you’re in for a long haul or not. The art has always been nice in this series, though it never takes too many risks it’s always a pleasing balance of colors with consistent faces and I will never not praise that.

I do feel this is an issue that fans will appreciate more than newcomers, but nothing here is too complicated to figure out. Even if you vaguely remember only the TV show when you were a kid and haven’t been following the comics, I do want to recommend you take a peek into Mighty Morphin #25.

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