Mobile Spotlight: Evoland

Posted May 9, 2016 by Marshall Bruno in Video Games

Mobile gaming, being the explosive market that it is, can sometimes feel over saturated with junk. You may feel like the list of games on your mobile marketplace are the same old things, over and over again, with knock-off versions filling in the gaps between archetypes.

Over this past weekend, I happened across a game that is both a knock-off of classic NES and SNES games, but at the same time, something brand new.

Meet Evoland.

evol2Evoland is part upgrade game, part JRPG, and part adventure. It has you starting out with a grayscale palate, and the only way to move is right. You’re forced to walk into a treasure chest which unlocked Left movement. Check the the picture to the right. Once you pick up the treasure chest on the left, again your movement abilities increase. Continuing along that idea, as the game progresses, you will upgrade every aspect of the controls, the visuals and of course, your character.

The game itself is only worth a few hours of gameplay, but there’s nothing wrong with that. It is well worth the $0.99 that it’s currently priced at on the Android market, and has a ton of hidden treasures to go back and find once the storyline is complete. Not to mention a nifty minigame that is possibly worth a dollar on it’s own!

Developed and produced by Shiro games and Playdigious back in 2012, this game does for me something that is very rare in mobile games: It stands out. It’s fun, it’s not a rehashing of the other two billion games available and although it takes some cues from the last forty years of game development, it feels like it was made for fans of these games as something to enjoy rather than something that’s a cash grab.

After unlocking enough, your game becomes fully 3D, you increase your health, you upgrade the style in which it’s displayed, you even upgrade the kind of game that you’re playing from one genre to another. It’s inventive and fun and I recommend it to anyone looking for a fun few hours of gameplay.

This game may not be new to the market, but it’s still worth picking up. After beating Evoland, you may even be inclined to go check out Evoland 2, available on steam.

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