Most Anticipated Comics of 2014 part 2

Posted January 14, 2014 by Oscar Russell in Comic Books

We continue to look at some of the new books for 2014, today is the turn of Derek Adams and Guilherme Jacobs.

Derek Adams

1. Silver Surfer – Dan Slott and Mike Allred – Marvel Comics

Michael Allred drawing Silver Surfer, take my money. He is the PERFECT artist for Silver Surfer. Couple the insane talent and style that is Allred with Dan Slott and you have got me hook, line and sinker. I’ve been so excited about this being put out into the either since it was announced. This series promises to be stellar on every level and I couldn’t be happier it is going to exist.


2. Wytches – Scott Snyder and Jock – Image Comics

Scott Synder is by far my favorite writer right now. Everything he does turns to gold, even if it takes a long time to get there. Wytches also signifies the rejoining of Synder and freaking Jock, one of my favorite creative teams from one of my favorite Batman runs. Remember when I said that thing about Synder turning everything into gold? well I could careless about witches, they just don’t interest me, but Synder, Jock and Image have got me for as long as this series goes on for.


3. The Punisher – Natahn Edmondson and Mitch Gerads – Marvel Comics

Along with Batman there are very few things Punisher related that I won’t at least check out. I have never read anything by the writer, Nathan Edmondson or artist Mitch Gerads, but the concept of Frank going to Los Angeles seems like a nice little spice and it will be cool to see how, if at all, it will change Frank’s way of dealing with crime. The art also seems rad. Anytime a new artist takes on The Punisher, I’m always interested to see what new crazy violence they will make Mr. Castle commit and Gerads’ art is right up my alley.



Guilherme Jacobs

1. Multiversity – Grant Morrison and Various artistsPAXraw08

Some people have a “hit or miss” relationship with Grant Morrison, well, I have a “hit or hit” one. I absolutely love the guy, the way he writes and the way he sees super heroes. It’s special. I also have a specific love for his crazy, out of this world and larger than life stuff. Final Crisis is my second favorite comic book event of all time, and All Star Superman is one of those books that come up when I’m thinking “best of the best”. That’s why, by far, the comic I’m most excited about in 2014 is his Multiversity. The 8-issue, being 6 one shots and a two-parter mini-series will explore Morrison’s 6 favorite Earths, and promises gigantic adventures with characters such as The Question and Blue Beetle in the middle of it. And I mean, just pay attention to the name, Multiversity. Just that, plain and simple. It’s going to be big, Morrison said in an interview back in 2009 that it’s getting bigger by the day, so who knows how big it is now, years later. This is what the guy loves, the idea of different universes, worlds where World War II hasn’t ended or where Luthor is the good guy, it’s always been there, in 52, Final Crisis, Action Comics, etc. He even loves that crazy stuff in real life too. Plus, each issue will be done by one artist, so far, Frank Quitely is the only one confirmed, so expect great art as well. Please don’t get delayed again.

2. Wytches – Scott Snyder and Jock – Image ComicsWytches-600x900

God bless Scott Snyder. God bless him and his family. In a day and age where vampires have been turned to boyfriends, witches to slutty girls, Snyder is an horror fan’s saving grace. American Vampire is the best combination of bloody vampires and americana, The Wake explores some of the coolest, most terrifying aspects of mermaids, and now Wytches, that will scare the s*** out of you. How do I know that? Just look at the one piece of art released, by one of my favorite artists in the whole world, Jock, who has such a unique art style, using different angles, along with powerful, but subtle, and somewhat twisted lines. This is one of those cases, where you get the perfect writer and the perfect artist doing a book that makes so much sense, it’s horror, it’s weird, it’s different. It also helps Snyder knows exactly how to hype a book on his interviews. This is a man who has lovely visions for stuff like Batman, Gotham, Superman, and that writes many horrific stories, as in The Wake, Severed and American Vampire, but I don’t recall him flat out saying “We want to scare you”, and that’s what he’s going for with this, he doesn’t want you to sleep because of Wytches. This is Snyder on try-hard mode, and combine that with the freedom he’ll have on Image Comics.

3. Wonder Woman The Trial of Diana Prince (Earth One) – Grant Morrison and Yanick Pacquette – DC1376616929

Yep, Morrison again, what can I say? He’s my favorite writer. The Trial of Diana Prince, otherwise known as Wonder Woman: Earth One, will be Morrison’s next graphic novel, with the help of Yanick Paquette on the art. The Earth One line, has been, at least promising. Superman: Earth One has some fans, while others dislike it. Batman: Earth One on the other hand, was a gigantic success, so all the eyes are turned to Wonder Woman, as DC’s big girl will have her new origin in the hands of Morrison. As always, the best way to get excited about a Morrison book is to read/listen to his interviews, the guy has such a romantic view of super heroes, he embraces the good and the bad, looks towards the original idea that the creators had for the characters, and tries to make everything count. He did for Superman, and he did it for Batman, both characters enjoyed some of their best moments in the hands of Morrison, so all fingers are crossed to see him do it again. On top of that, we get Yanick Paquette on the art, he has a beautiful style, you can actually see some of it online, so I recommend you do so. Back in August, Paquette was on page 20 of 120, which leads me to believe we’ll see this released this year. Let’s hope!




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