My Game of the Year is Probably Not Game of the Year

Posted January 9, 2015 by Ryan Campbell in Video Games


What makes a game THE Game of the Year? Is it the prettiest? The deepest? The one that does the most things well or the one that does a few things great? A site like this one weighs many opinions from our rather large staff before deciding what game subjectively was the best video game of the year. And that’s fine but then there is our personnel feelings. The game that despite its flaws, despite its reception, despite its negatives just gets its hooks in us and makes it where we can’t feasibly say in our minds there was a game all year we enjoyed more. By now you’ve probably figured out I’m talking about Destiny.

If you read my review back in September you probably are fully aware of my love for the game but that love hasn’t faltered or diminished at all in the subsequent weeks after release. In fact it’s intensified, I can’t put the game down. In what is supposed to be the pinnacle of the gaming year when all the heavy hitters come out I not only have to force myself to play other games I have to force my self to buy them, on sale! I stand there birthday money in hand stareing at a wall of games that will likely be contenders for Game of the Year and all I can help but think is “Am I really gonna stop playing Destiny for this?”

The intense raids with friends I didn’t know 4 months ago, entire communities I’m now am an active part of simply because of this game. I had zero interest in a game like Evolve because I just don’t interact with others online enough to play something like that but Destiny has thrusted me into this world of shared gaming and now I want more. The feeling you get when that shiny new exotic pops filled with hope and excitement to try it out is something I’ve never experienced in a video game before. All these feelings and experiences have been built upon and added to since my initial review and if anything I love it more now.

I’m not gonna bother you by going through all Destiny faults or its criticisms there are plenty of articles all over the place that do that well enough and I completely get why it won’t be Game of the Year but I can’t honestly say I played or enjoyed another game this year more. So that has to mean it’s my game of the year right? Isn’t that the idea? It was my favorite game this year after all.

I guess it’s like the Oscars, the movie that wins best picture isn’t always the movie everyone enjoyed the most but enough people came to a consensus that this represents the best the medium has to offer for that given year. Another example I can use is last summer I enjoyed Captain America: The Winter Soldier it was a great movie and probably the better movie but I enjoyed Amazing Spider-man 2 much more. I won’t try to convince you it’s the better movie because deep down I know it’s not but I enjoyed it more for the way it resonated with me.

So when we reveal our Game of the Year it won’t be Destiny but I can’t just sit by and not share how much I have absolutely loved this game this year. It has flaws but like any dear loved one you can see past the flaws to the true joy it brings and I’ll probably be playing it well into 2015.

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