My Hopes for Hitman: Season 2 Locations

Posted April 10, 2017 by John Newby in Video Games

Hitman may have concluded the first season with the Hokkaido mission, but that doesn’t mean that IO-Interactive is finished with Agent 47. Players have been rewarded with monthly Elusive Targets, special Challenges, and other updates that make my favorite game from 2016 continuously entertaining. Of course, completing contracts on familiar levels only brings to mind the fact that a second season will soon be revealed, complete with new locales and targets.

IO-Interactive may be in the midst of development, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t make a wishlist for locations that I would love to travel to for a hit. All of these are extremely unlikely to make the game, but that’s not the point. Let’s just have some fun and dream about dressing up like a pirate or a ghost.

Havana, Cuba

Agent 47 loves traveling the globe, as evidenced by season one, so it’s only fitting that he heads to a location previously unavailable to anyone not named Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. That’s right, Hitman needs to head to Cuba. Havana serves as the perfect possible location given that it is the biggest city in Cuba as well as the capital. Havana has the hustle and bustle of previous Hitman locales, complete with unique food, music, and culture. Plus, Havana also has some assassination options available that could completely mix up the formula and make the level seem unique from other exotic locations like Marrakesh. 

The American Top Gear (shut up, haters. I like it.) showed that Havana has a popular street racing scene just full of classic cars. Basically no new cars were allowed in Fidel Castro’s country after the 1950’s, so everyone drives 50’s models from Ford and Chevrolet. Why does this matter to Agent 47? Well, all of these cars are running on homemade parts because OEM or factory parts weren’t available in Cuba until very recently. In order to get parts for your old Bel Air, you have to track down a mechanic and have them manufacture the part from scratch. Just imagine dressing 47 up as a Cuban mechanic and inserting a special “handmade” car part into a target’s street racer. That would be a fun way to end a drag race.

Or you could just dress up like a street vendor and feed the target a poisoned Cubano sandwich. Hitman is full of options. 

Las Vegas

To be fair, Las Vegas was already included in Blood Money as well as an earlier article about Hitman, so why is it making an appearance once again? Well, Las Vegas is a cool city full of casinos, partially hidden car shows, and drunk people. Ok, the drunk people do get irritating occasionally, especially if they throw up near your shoes. But think about the potential!

There are multiple entertaining casinos to explore in the Paris, the Venetian, and Treasure Island. All IO-Interactive needs to do is pick one to use as 47’s playground. Sure, Treasure Island has the pirate ship that could be used for nefarious and entertaining purposes, but a random casino like New York-New York could ultimately be the better choice. This Big Apple-themed casino has multiple restaurants like the Rainforest Cafe and Gallagher’s Steakhouse that could work for poisonous opportunities and a rollercoaster for the more showy assassinations. 

Besides, the power of 4k and vastly expanded gameplay could make Vegas a perfect return simply for enhanced opportunities. The large crowds would make blending in a breeze, and the multiple outfits would just ramp up the entertainment. Plus, the Bellagio fountains would look fantastic on the new consoles. No longer would 47 have to solely rely on climbing on top of an elevator and using a sniper rifle to complete his contracts. Now he could create needlessly complicated death traps with the goofy props and outfits. Who wouldn’t want to dress up as a member of the Thunder from Down Under and complete a contract?

Granted, IO would probably need to adjust the name for copyright issues, but I trust them to come up with a witty pun.

A Cruise

For those who played Hitman: Blood Money, you may remember a level based on a Mississippi steamboat. This smaller map tasked you with dispatching a gangster on his crew without alerting the dozens of innocent gamblers. The steamboat was definitely small, but the options made it quite enjoyable. Sure, you could knock out or kill the baddies and hide their bodies in cabinets or containers, or you could simply toss the bodies overboard and feed the gators. 

But why would a cruise ship be a good location?

Essentially a gigantic riverboat, the cruise ship would act as a supersized playground with hundreds of civilians and at least half a dozen costumes. Just imagine dressing up like a waiter and putting explosive weights on the Shuffleboard court. Plus, the ship offers the ability to recreate moments from TV shows and movies. For example, IO would probably love to include a challenge for killing a target while reenacting Titanic. King of the world indeed.

Although it would pale in comparison to a specific moment from the classic TV show The A-Team.

Season four started with a two-part episode where the titular A-Team headed to Italy to rescue the daughter of a judge only to end up escaping on a cruise ship filled with mobsters. Hoping to avoid detection, the different members of the team infiltrated the ship dressed as pool boys, patients, and a doctor’s assistant. Of course, these outfits only lasted a short while, so they hatched a plan to take out each mobster one-by-one during a costume party. This plan essentially boiled down to Howling Mad Murdock dressing up like a ghost and punching out each bad guy. He then had to carry their unconscious bodies bad to the room under his ghost sheet. That sure sounds like a Challenge akin to the Vampire Magician. 

If you think about it, this episode of The A-Team was an accidental precursor to Hitman. It’s only fitting that you recreate certain moments with Agent 47. And you could still dump the bodies over the edge of the ship for easy disposal.

San Diego Comic-Con

This choice will obviously be tricky for multiple reasons (strict security, licensing), but Comic-Con could be one of the most entertaining maps around. The massive crowds would make blending in easier, and the sheer amount of costumes available would stagger the mind. Sure, licensing outfits from Star Wars as well as the Comic-Con name would be fairly expensive, but IO-Interactive could come up with some fun alternatives. Space Wars instead of Star Wars and similar options. Besides, Comic-Con is known for random celebrities showing up for panels about upcoming movies and tv shows. Just think about the opportunities for cheesy puns and guest voice over!

Possibly the best part about fulfilling a contract in Comic-Con is the fact that you could use Frodo’s sword, Luke’s lightsaber, and countless other geeky weapons to take out the enemy. Just imagine turning a baddie into a lightsaber-kebab while dressed as Captain Mal from Firefly! Or you could dress up like Picard and kill a target with a Bo Staff. The possibilities would be endless and utterly fascinating.


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