Nathan Fillion Now Available in Pop! Vinyl Form

Posted October 28, 2014 by John Newby in Nerdy Bits

Browncoats, rejoice! Funko has announced a new line of Pop! figures to be released this December, and they will fill you with a sense of Serenity…(I’m not sorry).

In a press release to We The Nerdy, Funko announced that they would be continuing their line of television Pop! figures with a Firefly series. These figures, to be released in December, will include the five main cast members of Firefly, complete with their signature accessories. For example, Jayne has his signature hat, and Hoban has his dinosaur toy.

These are the available Firefly Pop! figures:

Captain Malcolm Reynolds

Zoe Washburne

Hoban Washburne

Jayne Cobb

Kaylee Frye

In addition to the Firefly line, Funko also announced that the king of Hell will be joining the Supernatural line. Fans of the CW show will now be able to own a miniature version of Crowley, albeit one without the snappy one-liners. Crowley will also be available in December via various retailers.

Will you be getting any of the Firefly or Supernatural figures? I’m hoping that the release of Crowley will spur Funko into making a figure for Garth.

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