New Bonus Mission and Professional Difficulty Revealed for Hitman

Posted January 27, 2017 by John Newby in Video Games

Head back to Sapienza for sunset murderin’ by the sea.

To celebrate the disc-based release of Hitman – The Complete First Season, IO-Interactive is dropping a January update that includes a new bonus mission for Sapienza and an enhanced difficulty level.

Per the official Hitman web site, “Landslide” takes place during the Sapienza Festival del Paese. This sunset event features a concert in the piazza near the harbor, also known as Gary Busey’s final resting place, where 47 can blend into the crowd and hunt a very…topical enemy.

“Your target is Marco Abbiati, a snake-tongued wealthy businessman-turned-politician who is returning to his hometown to run for mayor.”  

This may be reading too much into the release, but assassinating a businessman-turned-politician seems like a response to current events. Plus, the Colorado mission even included references to last year’s Presidential race.

Of course, the January update is required to run “Landslide”, but the mission isn’t the only new content included. IO also revealed on Friday morning that assassins with level 20 Mastery would gain access to a new difficulty mode known as Professional. This mode won’t be for the weak of heart given all of the tweaks to gameplay. Some of the changes include disabled auto-saves, increased security cameras, and guards searching more areas. These changes will make an already difficult game much harder, but they pale in comparison to the new disguise system. Instead of rampantly murdering–or subduing for the pacifists–NPC’s to get an outfit, 47 will now have to dispose of the character in a clean way. Basically, no more throwing a fire axe into the target’s head. 

“Landslide” and the Professional difficulty will be released on January 31st. The content is available to those with the season pass/upgrade pack and those that purchase season one on disc.

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