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Posted August 29, 2013 by Jonah Mills in Video Games

Today Nintendo announced a 2DS handheld console. If the name 2DS didn’t give it away, this is just a variant on the existing 3DS, not a new console. This new model’s biggest difference is the lack of the 3D feature. Some of the other changes include a mono speaker instead of stereo (which isn’t a big deal for handhelds), a slate design instead of the clamshell, and a price point of $129.99.

This really is a smart move that Nintendo has made. This handheld will be the perfect solution for some people who felt like they would have paid extra money, just for the benefit of having a 3D screen. It will, in turn, increase the 3DS (it includes 2DS) install base even more, due to the reduced price barrier. As we all know more hardware units sold will sell more software units, and both of those create a whole lot of money. I also predict that you will also see a significant growth in 3DS sales come holiday season, solely to this model. This is because there there are going to be tons of children who want a 3DS for Christmas, and parents will feel like they aren’t going to break the bank buying little Timmy a present. This also reminds me of the Europe-only budget version of the PSP that was announced at last year’s Gamescom. Except this one is going to be exceptionally smart, mostly because it is not for the previous handheld console.


The 2DS is going to be a great seller for Nintendo, but there are two flaws with the system I see that could possibly create some problems. The first is the design of the console itself. Transitioning away from the clamshell design is going to be a problem for some interested in buying this handheld. The normal 3DS is extremely portable. You snap it shut, and it fits in your pocket. This won’t apply to the 2DS, because this is instead a bigger and bulkier handheld due to the slate design. I would have put my money down for the 2DS right now if it weren’t for this. I am super excited for Pokemon X and Y, it’s almost my dream Pokemon game. For people like me who don’t want to lug around their handheld, this will definitely be a problem.

The second flaw I find in the console lies in its name alone. The name 2DS is a bit misleading, with the main version called the 3DS. This isn’t a problem for people like me who know about stuff like this, but it will create some confusions for the clueless parent. However, if Nintendo markets it right these problems will mostly be avoided.

All in all, the 2DS was an ingenious move. It removes the higher price point, making it available to a larger audience. I’m not sure how well it will suffice with the hardcore gamer, but I easily see it winning over everyone else.

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