Nintendo Direct, February Edition

Posted February 13, 2014 by Robert Steltenpohl in Video Games

Today was February’s version of Nintendo Direct. The past couple of versions have been filled with some mediocre material and no release dates for our most anticipated games (Smash Bros., Mario Kart, and Zelda.) This Nintendo Direct gave us a bit more than normal but I don’t know if this was a slam dunk. Here we go:

maxresdefaultNintendo Direct


1)   Little Mac (Punch-Out Lead Man) was announced for Smash Bros. making this the 23rd character announced. (Where is my Lucas!?)

2)   Nintendo announced Mario Golf: World Tour that will be on 3Ds on May 2 in North America and Europe.

3)   Kirby: Triple Deluxe will come to 3DS on May 2 in North America and May 16th in Europe. This game was released in Japan last month.

4)   Pokemon: Battle Trozei, a new 3DS eshop buy due out March 20th in North America for $7.99. This is a puzzle game that will feature 718 Pokemon.

5)   NES Remix 2, a sequel to NES Remix that released last year, will launch April 25th for $14.99 and it will include 12 games:

  1. Ice Hockey
  2. Wario’s Woods
  3. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
  4. Super Mario Bros. 2
  5. Super Mario Bros. 2 (Lost Levels)
  6. Super Mario Bros. 3
  7. Dr. Mario
  8. Kirby’s Adventure
  9. Kid Icarus
  10. Punch-Out
  11. Metroid
  12. NES Open Tournament Golf

6)   Mario Kart 8 gets a release date. It will launch on May 30 in North America, Europe, and Australia.

7)   It was also announced that the Koopalings are going to be playable characters.

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