Ok K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes Review

Posted February 9, 2018 by Kyle Simcox in Video Games

Developer: Capybara Games

Publisher: Cartoon Network Games

Release Date: January 23rd, 2018

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Thanks to Cartoon Network, we’ve been invited down to Lakewood Plaza Turbo to beat up some robots and save the day in “Ok K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes”.

In “Ok K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes”, you play as the young K.O. who spends his days fighting evil and working at the local hero bodega with his friends Enid and Rad. He hopes to one day be recognized by the POW Card Company for his heroic deeds and earn his very own, K.O. POW Card. When he finally does though, the gang discovers that the villainous Lord Boxman has purchased the POW Card company and erased all the data from everyone’s POW Card and its up to K.O. to solve the problem.

I’ll admit I don’t know much about the show but from what I have seen, the folks at Capy have lovingly created something nearly identical to the source material. “Ok K.O.” reminds me of a movie about two dueling summer camps. Mr. Gars Bodega is at constant war with Boxmore as they build new and evil robots and steal Rad’s van and other evil stuff. It is a show that targets children so the humor is going to be hit or miss. I genuinely did get a few good laughs from some of the jokes and I found others just fell flat.

They just straight up steal it… like with a claw and everything.

“Let’s Play Heroes” is a 2D side scrolling RPG beat em’ up with a splash of TCG. K.O. runs about the Plaza completing quests for his friends and in doing so unlocking his POW cards’ “Holofoil” abilities while also restoring their lost levels. During the story, K.O. occasionally has the option to choose from a dialogue tree during conversations. Although they don’t change anything within the story, depending on what you choose, you can also unlock a small stat boost.

As you explore the Plaza you’ll come across random crates of Boxmore robots that K.O can open and do battle with. Battles are found on a 2D plain similar to that of a fighting game and depending on the difficulty of the box, you might have to fight off a few waves of robots. If you’re not sure what kind of fight you’re getting into, the color of the boxes will signify the difficulty of the fight. Blue is the easiest with red being the hardest. I often found myself struggling with red crates and got knocked out more than I’d like to admit honestly.

Enid likes to quiz K.O. to keep him looking cool.

Performing specific stunts in a fight will grant experience in one of the three stat categories which are strength, agility and cool. Once you’ve earned your POW card, K.O. will gain the ability to bash open an evil Lord Boxman piñata and collect all of his experience points to level up himself and gain access to new abilities. While K.O. can be knocked out, theres no game over screen. You just lose all the experience point gained during the battle. On the upside however, you do get to keep any quest items you’ve picked up during a fight, which I appreciately greatly after the more frustrating fights. I had no problem missing out on experience points if it meant unlocking a new powerful ability for my POW cards.

There’s also a handful of bosses you’ll fight throughout the story. They’re usually just giant versions of the enemies already in the game but they do offer fun ways to defeat them. The second boss for instance always took the minimal amount of damage from regular attacks but K.O. could avoid his ray gun and smack debris back at him to deal the most damage.

I really like the graphical style Capy chose to go with for “Let’s Play Heroes”. The world is one big cartoon backdrop while the inhabitants have this sort of construction paper feel about them. Its instrumental in keeping “Let’s Play Heroes” grounded in it’s roots but it also helps it stand out from the television show. I also really love that Boxmore seems to be inspired by Mega-Man’s Dr. Wily. The cast from the television show is also a part of the game as well so you can expect to hear voice work from Ashly Burch if you’re a fan.

I do have some minor complaints as the Plaza is too small and you often find yourself in the same areas over and over. There also doesn’t seem to be a block button. Outside of that, I had a very fun time with “Let’s Play Heroes”. If you have 20 bucks and want to kill some time and bash some robots, then you just might enjoy it too.


Final Score



  • Fun combat.
  • Graphical style helps it stand out from the show.
  • Does the source material proud.


  • Humor is hit or miss.
  • The plaza is small.
  • Combat can be frustrating.

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