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Posted July 7, 2014 by Bryan Boshart in Video Games

The whole reason my PC exists(other than for posting on this site) is to download and play indie games, and my most recent purchase was Our Darker Purpose from Avidly Wild Games.

Our Darker Purpose is a rouge-like action game, where you attempt(and fail) to guide Cordy through the many floors of the Edgewood Home for Lost Children. The Edgewood Home for Lost Children has a pleasingly distinct victorian style to it. The enemy NPCs all appear visually distinct and fit into the style. The biggest difference between Our Darker Purpose and other games similar to it is that Cordy has the ability to roll. This may not sound like much, but the temporary increase to move speed really helps avoid some enemy attacks. Even with the nice roll feature, sometimes attacks seem like they should miss but still hit. This is especially noticeable with the cauldron traps and the chandelier boss fight.

Hmm.. A chandelier with glowing hands and a floor littered with spikes.  Fun

Hmm.. A chandelier with glowing hands and a floor littered with spikes. Fun

Like most rouge-like games you start off fairly powerless, but a creative school course system lets you modify Cordy to your play-style a bit. You can take classes to improve her roll speed and give her the ability to shoot while rolling if you wish to play her in a more agile style. If instead you decide to play a bit more of a tank character you can gain access to more juice boxes and chalk. Upon your inevitable death you gain course credits that you can take to the guidance counselor to gain more juice boxes, chalk, maximum courses(etc.)

Improving Cordy’s strength is of vital importance to surviving. One of Our Darker Purpose’s nice points is that instead of just leveling up or collecting items the game lets you do both. Generally speaking when you level up you get to choose a more stat driven upgrade, like increased damage or fire speed. Some of the perks you get when you level up work as a trade-off. If you want more juice boxes, then you’ll likely end up attacking more slowly. The items in Our Darker Purpose tend to have a more visible effect. You’ll obtain items that produce flames when you roll and some that produce electricity around you. One of my qualms with the game is that some of these items seem quite underwhelming. One of the usable items you’ll get has the ability to nullify projectiles, which sounds great, but the problem is that chalk clouds, thrown chairs, and fire don’t count as projectiles making the item fairly useless.

The boss fights are for the most part unique and well-designed. Early in the game you’ll encounter fire and ice dragons, an icebox that forces you to navigate a maze of ice to even get to it, and some chalk art gone wrong. The game does a good job at making the chapter ending bosses seem far more powerful than the floor bosses you face prior.

She's the head honcho of the Woundworts

She’s the head honcho of the Woundworts

All in all, Our Darker Purpose is a fine action game that you can get pretty cheap ($15 is the list price). Despite some annoyingly useless items and bad hit/hurtboxes it is definitely worth a try.

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